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Time is that universal currency of life we are equally given to profit withal. Time is not any short in the East than it is in the West and it is not any long in the North than it is in the South.

The same hour of the day available to the Jew is what is available to the Gentile. There is no rich, richer, richest in the amount of time allotted to every individual in a day. It is what every individual does with his or hers that becomes the subject of comparison.

To those that understood time and season, as was said of the Children of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32, it appears they can do no wrong.

When they sow they reap bountifully. They operate in the same dimension of grace a veteran farmer that knows what season of the year to sow and when to weed operates for outstanding results.

There is a season of life, an individual is disqualified and not fit to be enlisted for a course, labour or purpose and this is the reason scripture in Lamentations 3:27, earnestly charge everyman to bear the yoke in his(her) youth; that very yoke he can’t bear in old age.

Therefore check the time and season of life you are in, so you don’t miss your purpose for the season. A season of childhood missed can’t be regain in Teenage years, neither can it be recovered in Adulthood. Don’t miss your flight!

There is a time scheduled for every flight, and only those that keep to the appointed time will get on board the plane before take off. So check the time of life you’re in, and get booked on the flight of purpose before it takes off.

Joel 2:28 as made it clear that in the Last days Sons and Daughters of Zion — the redeemed of the Lord — shall prophesy, their Old men shall dream dreams, and their Young men shall see visions:”

Therefore check yourself if you are in time or behind schedule in this End-time Season. Please stop wasting time, rather redeem time, because time waits for no one.

Hence the question to you my dear friend is: What season of life and what time of life are you in, so you can get enlisted on your flight of life’s purpose. Please don’t miss your flight!

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