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My friend, your degree(s), certificates and your acquired-knowledge wouldn’t profit you not until you put to work what you know and the society we are in today will also not help you [except you’re willing to un-learn it ways], because it has relegated and replaced delayed gratification with instant gratification.

Our Society has replaced thrift and sacrifice with luxury, immoderation and extravagance; and so the saving culture-legacy our father’s of old left us, has now been replaced with spending culture.

Most individuals have relegated saving to the bottom of their priority budget [if at all it qualifies to be on their budget]. They struggle to save what is left of their income after they have apportioned the bulk of it to luxury — in order to keep up with the demands of their societal status.

Be aware there is always a ‘rainy day’ in every man’s life time. It could be at old age, it can be any time of a man’s life and it can be after a man reaches his(her) financial peak, when he ‘plateaus’, and then the law of diminishing return sets in.

Every man’s financial ‘rainy day’ defers in time and in magnitude; and everyone will most likely experience it [ask any one-time richest man in the world].

This is what makes saving & planning a prudent Financial tool and a necessity in order to live a financially-secured life. There is an old and ever relevant saying, even though many ‘investment lobbyist’ have down-played its worth. It goes thus:

‘A penny saved is a penny earned(gained)’.

I tell you, it is this same wisdom that Joseph applied in making Egypt the Economic and Financial capital of the world at a time of global famine, global recession or the World’s rainy day. (Read this account in Genesis 41).

Joseph saved one-fifth (20%) of all Egypt’s harvest & income during her season of abundance(affluence) and store them up for the season of famine.(Gen 41:34). He made saving and planning first on his priority budget and whatsoever was left after a fifth of all incomes were saved, was what was used to meet other needs, wants and desires.

Therefore, please take a cue from this ‘time-immemorial’ and ever-delivering piece of wisdom: After you have removed your Tithe, save the ‘Joseph’s one-fifth’ of all your income, live within the means of what is left. Make this a practice, and you will enjoy your delayed gratification to the fullest.

Please note: What you earn as income will never be enough if you don’t live a moderate lifestyle regardless of how much it is because your taste is high — the more money you make, the higher your desire to acquire.

Henceforth, strive to embrace a saving culture. Please save and wisely invest your Joseph’s one-fifth. SHALOM!

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