Heinsight Counsellor


Jethro, who gave you half measure, saying that is your entitlement. Don’t settle for it my Friend; you are better than that. There is more stored-away from you that is awaiting your reach.

Daisy, who placed you there, saying that is how far you can go. Don’t listen to such lie dear; you can go farther than that. There is space for you ‘upstairs’ if only you are interested.

Naboth, who gave you that certificate, saying your value is what it says. Don’t be fooled by the book; you are more than the titles in a certificate. There is more value to you in your God given purpose that is awaiting your discovery.

Barbara, who told you you don’t meet up to ‘spec’. Please don’t consider meeting up to their ‘spec’; you are better than that. It has been hidden from them what God has purposed for those that love Him. You just need to love God with the whole of your heart.

Dora, whose reports are you holding on to. Men’s report often fail the test of time, hence fall to the ground; don’t you put your trust in it. There is one report that has never failed and can never fall to the ground; it’s the testimony of the Son of God. Let this be your companion.

Ajao, who says you are not any different from your ancestors. Don’t be perturbed; It’s one of the devil’s trick card to get you trapped; don’t let him. You have been numbered among those who are a new creature in Christ Jesus. Abide still in Christ Jesus.

Sheila, who is it that brings you messages of rejection. Don’t permit your emotions to be tortured; close your ears to such messages and abstain from such person. Remember: The once rejected Stone has now become the Chief Corner Stone and you are joint-heir with Him.

Lloyd, who in this world is asking you to run for your dear life. Fear not what mortal men can do to your flesh. There is a greater One that lives in you that can destroy both the flesh and the soul. It is Him only you should fear.

Shadrack, who is that person enforcing ‘slavery’ on you and calling it ‘service’. To slave is not to serve: It is an error and the devil’s gimmick to hinder you from kingship. You are made to serve in kingship, not in slavery. Don’t get trapped

Finally my friend, you are made for more than man can call or apportion you. Don’t for any reason settle for man’s ‘apportioned Palace’, because God’s ‘apportioned courtyard’ is far better: for God has created you better than that!

Psalm 118:8-9 KJV:
“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. [9] It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.”

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