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Be not deceived my friend, Christianity does not place a limit on how great you can be. It does not encourage you to be or remain a mediocre, neither does it sponsor ‘near-excellence’.

It does not indulge the lazy-in-heart and it is not a ‘shelter’ for a lazy man. It is not a ‘wrapper’ for the sluggard to have a little more sleep, or a little more folding of the arms for the indolent.

Christianity is a call to ‘whatsoever thy hands findeth to do, do it with thy might’. [Ecclesiastes 9:10].

Christianity is a culture of excellence. It is a home for the diligent to find their full expression towards achieving purpose. It is a school for the open-hearted to be taught and groomed to make generational impact.

Christianity is the hub for the best minds the world is yet to see. It is the breeding ground for innovation and wonders too big for the heart of men to comprehend.

True Christianity is a season that never knows a better yesterday. It is a time of life that makes her devout shine unto the perfect day. It is an era of new beginnings — an end to the ‘old dragon’s’ oppression.

True Christianity is the fabric the world needs to knit her sanctity. It is the solution platform for human’s aged sanction. It is the river of righteousness that carries us to the Father of Righteousness.

True Christianity is a culture — the Jesus Culture: the culture of the Son of God; the Best
Gift of God in all things and to all things.

Therefore my dear Christian friend, in whatsoever labour or field of life you are venturing, please strive for excellence: for this is the heritage of a Child of God — the true Christian that you are.

The world is awaiting your glorious manifestation.


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