Ecclesiastes 3:11, 2 Corinthians 9:8–10

People who don’t understand kingdom principles, make an idol out of money_and they chase cash though cash is the lowest form of wealth .

Sometimes you need to understand that what you ask for in the place of prayer reflects the true state of your heart. Why do you want more money?

The principle I will be sharing with you today does not only apply to spiritual things, it applies to every aspect of your walk with God. If you want increased power (anointing, financial, social, material, etc.), ask for an increased assignment.

When God wants to add anointing to your anointing, He will add another assignment to your assignment.

A weightlifter doesn’t wait until he gets the muscles before he starts carrying the weight; he starts carrying the weight and then the muscles come. Start taking the assignment and the power will come.

If God wants to make you a millionaire, He will give you an assignment that only a millionaire can handle.

When people don’t understand this principle, *they make an idol out of money* and they chase cash though *cash is the lowest form of wealth* .

God doesn’t tell you what is next on your agenda, He tells you what is next on His agenda for you.

I will leave you with this thought today; Power and trans- generational prosperity do not come before the assignment, Assignments come before the power to perform it.

Pick up more divine assignments and you will see that the power for that assignment will find its way into your life. (Extracted)


  1. Hmm… great insight to what we ask for in the place of prayer… 
    “Lord what would you have me do, not Lord what will you do for me” 
    Assignment indeed before More money. 
    More grace to write Sir.

  2. matthew

    More Grace and capacity for the assignment already laid before me. Thanks for this depth of insight.

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