The Holy Spirit does not only empower for spiritual manifestation of the power of God; He does that and much more. He is not only visible in speaking in tongues, working of the miraculous, healing, teaching or prayer etc. He covers much more.

Bezalel was the first man reported in the Bible to be filled with the Spirit of God. The result in his case was not any of the above, but craftsmanship – outstanding innovative workmanship (Ex 31:3-5)

The same applies to Joshua, he was filled with the Spirit of God (Deut 34:9) resulting in becoming a great military leader. In Judges 6:34, the spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon and made him a courageous leader. None of these men heal the sick or perform any “manifesting miracle”, however the infilling of the Holy Spirit empowered them to carry out their purpose and assignment in an enviable and excellent way.

God is bringing a fresh perspective in our knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit in these last days. This will be in fulfillment of His promise in Joel 2:28, something more than we saw in Acts 2; an end-time outpouring of spirit for innovative and creative manifestations of the sons of God. Some will experience the power of the holy spirit in their display of Daniel-like governance/politicking; we would see the Joseph-like economist; we would see the emergence of Solomon-like wisdom; Jacob kind of wisdom in agriculture and productivity, new records will be set in sport; men will break new grounds, all accomplished by the power of the Holy spirit. The outpouring is here already, don’t miss out!


  1. Precious HolygGhost I demand that you stir up dormant abilities in me in Jesus precious name.

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