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There is this ‘fast-lane’ rush in our society today to get rich, or die trying and the youths of this age and time are often found at the driver’s seat of this ‘fast car’.

Their urgency to get rich has gone overboard and their haste to succeed, ‘nook or crook’, is at an alarming rate.

Vices such as Cybercrime and Social scam have skyrocketed in recent years, to the extent they are gradually becoming acceptable practice once the individual doing this can ‘professionally package’ these Vices as Hustle.

Succeeding and getting rich, as popularly described these days, is now an event that can literally happen in a day: Hustled yesterday, ‘Blow’ today.

And this is the ill-mentality that drives teenagers and youth all out, looking for means to win a Jackpot while their conscience is seared.

Our society is gradually forgetting, getting rich is a process to be followed; and succeeding is a journey to embark on with patience. Or is it the Society the youth created for themselves that is forgetting? It’s hard to tell.

Yes I agree life is evolving; this however has not made an orange seed to skip it’s germination process to full maturity in one month. Neither has it made the chicken egg to fast track its incubation period to a day.

No matter how big an Elephant’s conception is, the mother Elephant can’t deliver her calf in a month — because for it to survive thereafter, it needs to undergo the due process of maturity.

In summary: Everything good and lasting requires time and due process to be birth and to stay alive.

Therefore, learn to exercise patience in every good endeavor you ventured in. Keep the end in sight while you patiently ‘water your seedling to germination; and nurture it to full maturity’.

Finally, in all these add this injunction of the Lord to all your endeavors:

“It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord”. [Lamentations 3:26 KJV];

Because it is what the Lord will do that shall be forever…[Ecclesiastes 3:14]

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