Deborah Olayiwola


I cannot ever imagine investing my money into a business again and break even not to talk of making losses. I remembered a time I took a risk of investing my hard earned money into a so called “profitable business” It did end in tears.
A sole aim of setting up a business is to make profits, as we have secular businesses we also have the eternal business. In our secular businesses, we seek to maximize returns to ourselves and if we discover any iota of loss or low returns we might be forced to close down the business as we claim it doesn’t have a foreseeable future.
The eternal business seeks to maximize returns to the Father, it can be achieved by taking the Lord’s work passionately and winning souls for Him by the works commissioned into our care as this is the Joy of the Father.
In the books of (Mathew 25:14-30), we are made to understand how the Father expects us to go about His business, vv 30 says “And cast ye the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness”. Do we want to be unprofitable with the Father’s business? . How often do we take His business seriously, I mean the works He has commissioned into our hands (John 4:34).
Furthermore, the book of (Luke 2:49) made us to see how Christ while on earth sought after the Father’s business passionately. This should be a worthy example to us.
In conclusion, we should inculcate the habit of taking the Father’s business seriously, it’s in this that Abba takes pride in us . Although, this cannot be done without the help of the Spirit of God. We should always remember that “The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few”.
May the Lord help us as we pursue this. Amen.



    The harvest is truly plenteous…
    May these harvest not waste because of unresponsive laborers

  2. Wow… I like the part you said: ‘I cannot ever imagine investing my money into a business again and break even, not to talk of making losses..’
    Hmmm.. if we as human can’t afford to invest in an unprofitable business, how much more God who invested His only begotten Son for our redemption, expecting us to cooperate with Him, so that His investment is not a waste… May God’s investment over our individual lives be not unprofitable in Jesus name.
    Let’s all go out for the gospel of Jesus henceforth. Thanks @Deborah for sharing timely piece. God bless you.

    • Deborah Olayiwola

      Amen. Thanks @ iwayemi .God bless us all.

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