Deborah Olayiwola


When we hear of the word “Church”, what comes into our head is the building, inclusive of chairs, tables and all other adornments in our respective places of worship. Little did we have an understanding that each and every believer is a partaker of the Church while Christ Himself is the Head of the church. Reading through Ephesians 5, we would see how the relationship between a man and a woman as husband and wife is related to the one between Christ and the church.
According to this text, we were made to understand that Abba is the head of the church just as the man is the head of the wife and another interesting part is the love he bestowed upon the church by laying his life for all. Being the church, we are automatically the body of Christ while he is undoubtedly the head no wonder we are admonished in that Ephesians 5:22-24 that we as the church or the body of Christ be subject unto Christ i.e His will. I see no reason why we claim to be His body and still be involved in other atrocities just as the world have it.
Furthermore, we were made to see that just as no individual will hate his own flesh and body so also Christ loves us and as such this love should not be taken for granted and how can this be so? we should endeavor to read and follow the word of truth and life and that is automatically our bible, we should know the truth and make it set us free. Being the body of Christ undisputedly makes us to be exclusive to Christ Himself as we cannot even afford to be living our lives subject to the leading of flesh. The body of Christ is expected to be kept holy as Christ Himself who is the head of the body is Holy.
In a nutshell, the Church of God is the body of Christ and Christ Himself is the cornerstone of the Church and as such we should work towards presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice to the Lord as it is established that it is the temple of the Living God.
I pray as we make up our minds to live to the expectation of the holiness and right doing embedded in the body of Christ we will be graced to do so. Amen!


  1. Iwayemi Olanorin

    @Debby_Ola this needs to be said and echoed in the subconsciousness of everyone that profess to be a Christian. There is so much decadence in the society and the so call Christians, that are supposed to be the body of Christ, are often at the heart of this societal vice. How can the Lord reside in our temple if it is filled with deeds of the Nicolaitans…
    Thanks for sharing this piece @Debby_Ola. God bless you real good.

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