Truly, I have seen many ‘bestsellers’, read a variety of motivational books, inspirational magazines and success captions, but none of these have truly sold best, motivates best, inspired most or aided success best like the scripture. All of the above have their source and references from the incorruptible seed. Though, written over 2000 years ago, it is still relevant till eternity, as all happenings today have already been said in it. Its messages are just as relevant to our days as it was to Methuselah.

This book might not be your typical bestseller, but more and more copies of it are sold than any other in the world. Written by 39 different authors over the course of 3000 years, it was completed over 2000 years ago and contains 66 different books.

The bible is filled with stories of good and bad characters. It displays people who succeeded despite all odds and those who failed despite being provided with all that is needed to succeed, individuals who followed God and those who turned the other way. It is a collection of imperfect people, people with fatal flaws, people you and I can relate to, people with whom God wasn’t finished yet.

The Word Above All
If Christ could put this word above His name, what then should be the ultimate in your life if not this word! If you want to rise above satan all through your life, then get acquainted with the word. You study the word to get approved to command proofs because approval is a pre-requisite to commanding proofs (2Tim.2:15).

Look at these:
– Faith cannot grow without the word (Rom.10:17)
– Prayer can bring you success, the word upholds it (Joshua 1:8)
– Prayer can bring you healing; the word establishes it (Ps.107:20)
– Prayer can break bondage, the word secures your liberty (Ps.107:20)
– Prophecy can be released, the word confirms it (Lk.4:21)
– Money can bring you happiness, the word gives unspeakable joy (Ps.119:11)
– Money can give fleeting pleasure, the word gives a lasting treasure (Mat 24:35)
– Situations can fail, the word never fails (it is flawless) Prov.30:5
In this end-time and Revival season, may the Lord give you an increasing and unquenchable hunger for His Word (AMEN)


  1. Very true Sir… The Bible is The Creator’s manual for those who will read and do the instructions within to fulfill and succeed in their early mission without fail…
    Thanks for sharing this bro… grace be multiply unto you.

  2. abimbola Olulana

    Amen!!! thanks so much, @matthew for sharing this. The word of God is the thought of God, written on the pages of the bible. The most interesting thing about the bible is this–you have the author right by your side to interpret and even give you revelation beyond what is written.
    The bible can not be replaced, it is our mirror and at the same time it is our will, if we want to be fulfilled and know our inheritance and the commonwealth of Israel, we need to feed on it daily. We do not want to be cheated by the enemy.

    Father, may I have no rest until I study and meditate every day in Jesus name.

    This is my heart’s cry, I want to live what has been written about me. Hallelujah!!!

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