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Heinsight Counsellor


There I stood staring into the eyes of this little baby who was peeking over her mother’s shoulder. She also stared intently back at me unfazed.

[This scene was more like having a ‘who-blinks-first-competition’, and the baby won every time I tried to compete].

The moment was surreal and heart-warming — a feel of Heaven — to have a baby’s pure and probing eyes pierce into the eyes of one that has seen more than the mouth can say.

I could only but wonder, what could possibly be running through the mind of this innocent baby. SELAH

Her look was a soothing ointment to the heart, and I didn’t know when I broke into smiles (just as a young lady blushes when teased or flattered). But I wasn’t teased, and it was evident in the baby’s straight-face look (the kind, one can interpret to mean ‘what’s funny’😏)

The more I tried to make her return my smile, the stricter her stern look. And after my several trials to make her return my smile, it then dawn on me her reaction to all my actions was A TALE OF TRUE SINCERITY:

She can’t be bribed. She won’t be cajoled. She won’t be lobbied to resonant to the tune of strangers, regardless of their gimmicks and toys. And a Spade she will call a Spade.

Beloved, such is the heart of babes and sucklings:
‘..Stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers; neither will they listen to the flattery of thieves and corrupt men’ [John 10:5 KJV Emphasis mine].

Friends, we have learnt & practiced so much deceit, gimmicks and flattery; so much that we have mixed and interpreted the voice of Strangers as the voice of the Father.

Such that the Father’s Clarity is a Rarity in the heart of the so called Sons of the Father. Even sincerity amidst the elect is hard to come by this days. SELAH

Dear beloved, it’s time we unlearned the stranger’s culture and recalibrate our minds to the heart of babes and sucklings — the true sons of the Father that will not listen to the flattery and beckon of strangers.

Henceforth let’s get intentional by standing firm, not compromising our faith and values at any cost. MAY GOD HELP US ALL IN JESUS NAME.