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Ayopo Kudayisi


The story of the converts…Answers to the prayer of the evangelist
We have heard their words they mean nothing to us,
They sing at times they’re just melody to us
They preach at times they’re just stories to us
What are they going to say this time?

We will yet go as before
In our beautiful dresses, we would find our seats in front
I will ensure my steps are graced with glamour
but this time, it shall be my last
Before I make my pact with the world
but That day our tears accompanied our crying
We were pleading, sobbing, and praying… in genuine repentance
Those same words were like fire in our hearts
Piercing into the innermost of our being

Suddenly the saviour appeared
Brighter than the sun… with love in His eyes
He walked about comforting the repentant

But who will forgive our terrible sins?
Our lies, our immoralities our jealousies?
These are too much to be overlooked!

Then He showed us the hill…
flowing with precious blood unstained.
The blood is able…
The blood is able…
The blood is able…
To purify even the conscience stained with the dirt.

Heb 9:13-14