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This is not an eulogy; well, I have never written one before.

This is no tragedy; such is not the epistle of them that love God and them that are the called of God.

And this is no tales by moonlight; they are mostly fictitious and they make children lose sense of reality.

This is: “Lord teach us to number our days that we may apply our heart unto wisdom”.
Having broken the ‘ice’, I hope I was able to get your attention because this is a message you need to hear, and not just to hear but also to ruminate upon.

You know, many generations have gone, some are totally forgotten, some are partially forgotten, while some others can’t be forgotten; and what determines ‘the ballot’ in which these set of people fall into is either:

The memories of their once existence, or the impact they made during their stay.

As for memories, give it time, it will fade away and be forgotten. But for impact it will speak even long after the makers are gone [Be it positive or negative impact].

For instance:
In the Antarctica, where it does not stop snowing, the Sun will always be remembered for the warmth it provides.

And in the desert, where it rarely stop shining, it will be remembered for the excessive heat it bombards when it is gone.

Please know that the above assertion is also very true for human that once walked the surface of the earth [and I am referring to men that made impact]. Now to highlight a few of them:

Jesus Christ has ascended to heaven more than two thousand(2000) years ago, yet His Love impact is still being felt and spoken about till tomorrow. [Yes, Jesus LOVES YOU].

Apostle Paul was long gone before Modern Civilization erupted, yet his Zeal is still reverberating impact in this Modern Age through his messages…

And if the account of men that made lasting impact — not forgotten — were to be written in books, there will be no end to writing [John 21:25].

Therefore my Dear beloved, the question to you and I thence is:

What will you be remembered for when your stay here is over? Or what will you want/like to be remembered for when your time here is done?

Do you want to be remembered for only the memories of your once existence, or do you want to be remembered for the positive impact you contributed during your stay?

Now is the time for you my friend to decide and to get started: now that you’re still here!

“‘Oh Lord please’ teach me to number my days that I may apply my heart unto wisdom” [Psalm 90:12 emphasis mine]. SHALOM