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His brothers said to him, “Do you intend to reign over us? Will you actually rule us?” And they hated him all the more because of his dream and what he had said. – Gen.37:8
“Here comes the dreamer!” they said to each other. “Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we will see what comes of his dreams”. – Gen.37:19-20.
This is obviously another great lesson to be learnt from the life of Joseph. You see, great dreams are naturally capable of provoking great jealousy and hatred. Man naturally feels threatened by another’s greater prospect. Joseph’s ten brothers were willing to kill him over a robe and a few reported dreams, their deep jealousy had grown into an ugly rage, completely blinding them to what was right. By sharing his dream with his brothers, his dream was on the verge of failure, if not for the God that makes all things work together for good!
Friend, hold unto this clearly: there is no one too close or loving to be exempted from a dream killer. It’s God that gives dream, it is yours to protect. “The way to kill a man with a great dream is to give him another one” says Myles Munroe. When we begin to share our God’s own designed plan planted in us as dreams with short-sighted people (Chaldeans), they won’t just be able to fathom its possibility. The best they can contribute is to help you remodify it to their perceived thought or kill your spirit with such words as “it is impossible; it has never been done; how could you imagine such?”
Many have become captives of bitterness and regret because they shared their dreams and plans with the Chaldeans. The reaction of Joseph’s brothers to his dream is typical of what can happen today when dreams are not well guarded. It breeds jealousy, envy and hatred. This is one reason why Godly mentor is needed or better still, a secured relationship with the originator of the dream. He is enough to help you deliver it safely (Is.66:9) and he can then lead you rightly to the true dream carriers.
So friend, don’t forget that as you are a dream carrier, someone else is also a dream poisoner. So, if God can send dream helpers to your life, devil can send more dream killers. The right people that will aid your dreams will never show up if you have the wrong people around you. Therefore, if you are mature enough to dream, then you must be strong enough to uphold and guide it.

Welcome to the fulfillment of your dreams!



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Are you still a teenager? Good for you: as your strength and vigor still drives your desires.

Are you in your twenties? Rejoice and merry while it tarries, for your season of flamboyance has come but hastens away. Again I say rejoice!

Are you in your thirties? Be glad, for your year of life-redefining, destiny-remolding decisions has come to stay.

Please hear these two assertions, and let your heart continually remember these three:

Your thirties are the season of your life when you have another chance to erase & rewrite your life stories — those you wrote in error during the days of your exuberance and flamboyance.

Your thirties mark your seasons of profound life-defining decisions — those you probably did not take during your season of flamboyance. It’s your decision season ‘when thou shall say, I have no pleasure in them’ (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

To some it is the begining of a new era towards fulfilling purpose, to another it is a season of rebirth towards achieving purpose, and to some others it is a season of realization of lives’ purpose.

Whichever of these it is my friend, if you’re in your thirties, it is yours to discover. There is no escaping it; you fall into one of these subsets.

Therefore, the question to you is:
Have you set sail on the voyage to fulfilling purpose?

Have you got onboard the train conveying purpose-driven visionaries to their destination of unending impact?

Now is the the time my friend!
Your thirties are your threshold season for exploit. Please don’t squander it chasing shadows.



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Jide’s aspirations suffers; and Titi’s destiny has been hijacked because they rarely call themself to a meeting — a self-intentional separation to reason.

Jide’s hustle to make ends meet has etched deep into his family time, and Titi’s quiet time has not been spared by this same ‘virus’.

Just as the Sun rises in the East and hurries back to where it started from, so is Jide & Titi’s rising in the morning to the dictates of their work-life schedule.

Before Jide is fully awake in the morning, his subconscious is often hijacked by the task for the day [the same task he carried over from the previous day], and he ends up answering only to the dictates of these tasks.

Titi on the other hand is completely engrossed with exceeding her Associates’ expectation in order to fast track her Career Elevation. She sleeps very late and struggles to get out of bed early in the morning, let alone to observe her quiet time.

How then can Jide & Titi be separated to reason the weightier matters of life if their mind is always booked before the day began….

And so they stray far from their life purpose, just as the east is far from the west.
Beloved, I hope you’re not thinking Jide & Titi are the only victims of this work-life marathon. There are a lot other ‘Jide & Titi’ in Cubicles and Glass walls, locked up in the ‘Corporate world’.

They are prim & proper, smart & clever, but bought over for a ‘morsel of meat’: As Jacob supplanted Esau, they as well have been subtlely supplanted by their ‘Corporate Jacob’. [If you know you know].

My friend, perhaps it’s time you took a break to reason, and to ask yourself:

“Whose business am I about: My Father’s or someone else’s?

And in whose hands have I committed the wheel of my life-vehicle: My Father in Heaven or some men I know not?”
And Jesus said unto them:
How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? [Luke 2:49 KJV]