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The Word of God Cannot Fail – Hebrews 11:6

Hebrews 11:6 shows us the principle and you must believe it, so you don’t get discouraged when you start. You don’t do it once, twice or ten times and stop; you just settle there and say, “I will work this principle. I will live by it. It always works.” That is true about the Word of God and your faith in the Word.

I always say boldly that faith works. Faith in God works. The word of God does not fail and it can never prove false. That is why the Bible says the scriptures cannot be broken.

You have to understand all the attending conditions because by the time you fulfil all the conditions, it works for you.

For Him to fail means that you will be the only person that will die in faith and tell God that His Word failed.

Even the angels will be afraid of you because you will be the only person that is coming with a successful accusation against God. You will be the only one that worked the word of God and it didn’t work.

If it is true that you fulfilled all the principles and conditions, then God will have to leave the throne, and say, “Since my own Word is not good again, it is your own word that I will now follow”. Is that possible? No!

So if there is any failure, if you have been working it and it is not working, it is either you are telling God, “Leave the throne tomorrow” or you will agree and say, “God I am missing it somewhere; I don’t know all, show me where I am missing it