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Heinsight Counsellor


My friend, things may not be as you wanted them to be right now; and the event of things may not be happening according to your plans. But please take it easy, relax, and you will soon understand why if you will trust God on the matter.

The life we live is not designed or controlled by the physical things around us: don’t get physical about the matter. Neither is the situation of events happening around us determined by our plans: The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereoff, the World and they that dwell therein…[Psalm 24].

It’s no wonder Science makes excuses for what they have no control over. Excuses like:
‘Assuming no heat loss’. ‘Neglecting Air Resistance’. ‘Ceteris paribus’…and so many other funny excuses.

Dear beloved, perhaps you are greatly troubled for your present situation, please be careful for nothing but through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God [Philippians 4:6].

You will soon understand why the matter is what it is now. How? Because we live our lives ‘forward’, but we only understand the details of every passing moment ‘backward’:

[This simply mean, we may not understand why the things that happened at the moment happened, but after we have sincerely gone past it, we often tend to understand/see why those things happened — either to give us a better opportunity, make us a better person or save us from the wrath to come].

You are not alone my friend, Joseph the dreamer never understood why he had to go through these ordeals: ‘the Pit’, ‘Portiphar’, and ‘through the Prison’. But he understood it better when he finally got to the Palace to save the day [Genesis 50:20].

Finally my dear beloved, be not deceived, the spiritual controls the physical! This is why Jesus Christ made the statement:
…Whatsoever ye shall BIND[present tense] on earth shall be BOUND[past tense] in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall LOOSE[presently] on earth shall be LOOSED[concluded] in heaven [Matthew 18:18 KJV].

Please take control of the events around you, engage the spiritual weapon made available unto you — Prayer and Thanksgiving. And you will soon understand why, because you shall overcome.



Heinsight Counsellor


My friend you have stayed too long at this mountain; when will you match on to conquer new grounds?

John you have celebrated your achievements for too long, it has now become to you a hinderance preventing you from achieving greater milestones. Drop that accolade and press on towards new heights!

Dora you have held too tight to that thing you ‘dearly love’; check your knuckles they’ve all gone white — soon to turn bruised — and all this while, you have allowed numerous opportunities pass you by. Do let go, and let God.

Claire you have denied yourself of the Truth for too long; for how long will you run away from Jesus Christ — The Way, The Truth and the Life. Can’t you see He is in everything good around you!

Daisy you have held on to your dark past for too long, when will you let go the pain of your past? Don’t you know Love and Mercy awaits you?

Nathaniel you have chased too hard for that position, and it has made you lose sense of human feelings. When will you realise, God is the judge of all: He puts down one and sets up another [Psalm 75:7]

Laura for too long you have thought you won’t amount to something good in life; when will you shed away this yoke of despair. Don’t you know greatness is yours for grabs if you will allow Hope have its way?

Patrick you have condemned yourself for too long; how long more will you allow the devil make a fool of you? Please be aware there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus..[Romans 8:1].
God isn’t condemning you, He is only beckoning unto you to come: be saved.

Dear Beloved for how long will you be quiet about the message of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for how long will you bury the talents He has committed to your trust. His coming is at hand, what will be your excuse to the Master!

Finally My friend are you the John, Dora, Claire, Daisy, Laura, Nathaniel or Patrick been spoken about? For how long will you allow that mountain fazing you to intimidate you; please check yourself, and say to that mountain to be moved in Jesus name.



Heinsight Counsellor


Don’t go back! Never look back. What you have come this far for, is just around the corner. Forge ahead, and you won’t know a better yesterday.

Don’t go back! Never go back. The problem of today, shall turn to your miracle. You will merry some day and you will conquer.

Don’t go back. Never look back. The storm you face today, shall return for you as peace like a river. You will soon know stillness and you will soon have rest.

Don’t go back! Never go back. The sickness of today, shall become your health tomorrow. You will surely recover and you will soon be made whole.

Don’t go back. Never look back. The battle of today, shall be your song of victory tomorrow. You will soon shout for joy and you will overcome.

Don’t go back! Never go back. The pains of today, shall turn to gain for you tomorrow. You will soon reap your fruitful harvest. You will soon eat the good of the land.

Don’t go back! Never look back.The yoke of today shall yield an eternal crown for you tomorrow. Soon the roll call will be made. Soon you will be called in with the Saint.

Don’t go back! Never go back. Your trials & temptations of today, shall become the perfection of God’s righteousness in you eternally. You will soon be blameless. You will soon be without blemish.

Don’t go back! Never go back. Your captivity will soon be turn away, and you will know what joy unspeakable means. You will soon be like them that dream.

Dearly Beloved, don’t go back!
I pray for you: you won’t lose your reward by stopping your journey half way in Jesus name. AMEN.



Heinsight Counsellor


Move on, move on, don’t be tired is what the Lord is saying to you today my friend: Gird your loins, for the race you are running, you will finish strong if you faint not.

Push on, push on don’t despair Brother. You have pushed this far through the help of the Most High; He will thus not leave you half way, if you won’t stop trusting His Strength.

Carry on, carry on, don’t look back Sister. The trials and temptation are just for a season: they will soon be over and your faith will be made perfect in Love.

Dream on, dream on, don’t doubt Brethren. The vision is yet for an appointment time, in the end it will speak if you won’t stop running with it: Daily commit it into the Hands of our Father in Heaven, not unto those on the Earth.

Beloved, sorrow no more for Jesus understands. Though you are heavy laden, He will give you rest if you will not stop calling unto Him. Though you are feeble and weak, His help for you will not tarry: wait on Him!

The young sparrows have no hiding from the Fowler, and the Lilies of the field have no hands to knit their clothing; but our Father in Heaven is their sure refuge and help. How then will He not help & clothe you, you His dearly beloved. [Matthew 6:26-34].

Dear Beloved of the Lord, move on, move on, don’t be tired. Put a little more trust in the Saving Arms of Christ the Saviour: for you will not be put to shame.


Mercy and Hope Awaits You

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