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Jide’s aspirations suffers; and Titi’s destiny has been hijacked because they rarely call themself to a meeting — a self-intentional separation to reason.

Jide’s hustle to make ends meet has etched deep into his family time, and Titi’s quiet time has not been spared by this same ‘virus’.

Just as the Sun rises in the East and hurries back to where it started from, so is Jide & Titi’s rising in the morning to the dictates of their work-life schedule.

Before Jide is fully awake in the morning, his subconscious is often hijacked by the task for the day [the same task he carried over from the previous day], and he ends up answering only to the dictates of these tasks.

Titi on the other hand is completely engrossed with exceeding her Associates’ expectation in order to fast track her Career Elevation. She sleeps very late and struggles to get out of bed early in the morning, let alone to observe her quiet time.

How then can Jide & Titi be separated to reason the weightier matters of life if their mind is always booked before the day began….

And so they stray far from their life purpose, just as the east is far from the west.
Beloved, I hope you’re not thinking Jide & Titi are the only victims of this work-life marathon. There are a lot other ‘Jide & Titi’ in Cubicles and Glass walls, locked up in the ‘Corporate world’.

They are prim & proper, smart & clever, but bought over for a ‘morsel of meat’: As Jacob supplanted Esau, they as well have been subtlely supplanted by their ‘Corporate Jacob’. [If you know you know].

My friend, perhaps it’s time you took a break to reason, and to ask yourself:

“Whose business am I about: My Father’s or someone else’s?

And in whose hands have I committed the wheel of my life-vehicle: My Father in Heaven or some men I know not?”
And Jesus said unto them:
How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? [Luke 2:49 KJV]





Your current position is not as important to God as what is happening to you. As time passes, God expects you to be doing something about the destiny He has prepared for you. God will come regularly to check where you are in life and destiny.

Your current position is not as important to God as what is happening to you. You must be careful not to become something that God can’t work with.

Your cooperation with God and His plan for you will determine how long it will take for God to make you into what can take your next level.

A person that truly loves you will not side with your comfort to the detriment of your future. God is more committed to making you the right person than placing you in a right environment.

When and where it concerns the fulfilment of your destiny, you will need spiritual empowerment.

As your destiny begins to manifest, you will get busier, but the foundation of all empowerment is the power you have with God.

You need a (higher) spiritual seat to sustain other (lower) seats you have in life.

If God has chosen you, the devil will contest for your life, but the Holy Spirit will move heaven and earth and whatever is needed to help you accomplish the will of God.