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Just the other day, at past midnight, I got thinking on how a ‘purpose’ will be achieved. And I slipped into wondering God’s ways and how He brings His purpose to pass:

Hmmm…they are mysterious and pass finding out!

We search too far for what is not lost. Often with the thought: ‘no, it can’t be this’. What if God is saying to you, My beloved ‘IT IS’.

We look too hard for what is staring us in the face. Often with the thought: ‘no, it can’t be this easy’. What if God is saying to you, My friend ‘IT IS’.

We think, and see too less of what and where we currently are. Often with the thought: ‘no, this is not what I envisioned’. What if God is saying to you, My Child ‘though thy beginning be small, thy later end shall greatly increase’ [Job 8:7].

Who would have thought a walk-path could be created across the sea bed if this never happened, and was not recorded in the Bible for our reference. It beats any man’s thought.

Or who would have imagine The King of Glory will condescend to be born in a manger, and to die a shameful death, for the reconciliation of man to his Creator. It’s beyond physical & metaphysical’s imagination.

And there is yet another thought-dimension to the grandeur of God’s loving-way towards us:

If He has chosen another means to achieve man’s salvation purpose, without the dead of His beloved Son, who will question Him or who would have known He had ‘bend the rule’? No not one! Yet He chose to give His Best.

Please be reminded: God has million ways of achieving His purpose. He said unto those that thought Abraham’s generational continuity lies in their hands, that He can use stone to raise up Children for Abraham [Luke 3:8].

And something astounding and worthy of note on how God works in achieving His purposes in us and through us is: OUR COOPERATION [Amos 3:3].

He is Sovereign, yet He gives room for our partnership with Him towards achieving His purpose in us and through us.

He can choose a way and later abandon that way if it does not cooperate with His plan — this, most of the times, has been the short-falls of many children of God. [The Bible has numerous examples of these].

We often have a self-designed feature of how we think or want God to perform His purposes in our lives, and we end up leaving no room for Him to move in His mysterious ways on our behalf.

[This is, sometimes, the reason for delay in the manifestation of His purposes and promises for us]

Please hear this:
Nothing is incompatible, if God raises it for His purpose

Nothing is dead, if God chooses it for His purpose

Nothing is lost, if God hid it for His purpose

And there is nothing too little, if God made it so: For all that He made was good [Genesis 1:31]

We only need to cooperate and rest in the unfailing Plan and Arms of the Sovereign God.

He is waiting on your cooperation friend. Therefore fear not, fret not, you only need to allow Him have His way!