Daniel 11:32b

Once you are down spiritually, it is just a matter of time everything will soon fall apart (Job 20:5-7). Spiritual maturity is a pillar in fulfilling your God’s given vision.

Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploit. Not those who are begging for prayers everyday, not those who know everything about their Church, not those who are close to the man of God.

What you are building your life, marriage, home and career on, determines how long they will stand. Your spiritual maturity determines how you withstand the opposition against your destiny (Isaiah 54: 15;17).

Therefore, the more you mature spiritually the stronger you become against the enemies of your fulfilment. ( Psalm 60: 11-12)

It is very surprising that majority of modern day church goers are alive physically but dead spiritually. ( Revelation 3:1b).

And a spiritually dead man can do nothing meaningful spiritually for himself, powerless to fight, defenceless against forces of darkness ( Ecc 9: 4) blind to what should be done.

Ephesians 6:10; failure to work on your spiritual maturity could make you and your children a prey to the wicked, it can relegate you in life, empty and naked your glory.

And once you are down spiritually, it is just a matter of time everything will soon fall apart (Job 20:5-7) And in like manners, if it is well with you spiritually, in due season all will be be well with you. ( Isaiah 40:31)


  1. Iwayemi Olanorin

    Hmm… very needful counsel for all in this age and time when people think activities in the house of God is Spirituality.
    More grace Sir…

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