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There isn’t any mistake in the title, it’s the truth: Whatever will be will NOT be. We are humans and not nature, so It is what you make be that will be. Sorry this is what it is.

‘Que sera sera’ is a resignation to fate — an embargo to faith. It’s a resignation to defeat — defeat before a fight. A lie disguised in self pity, propagated with melody and sobriety; sang and mused by majority.

It’s a tool for the slothful to stay indolent, a rest bed for the sluggard to catch some more sleep, and a succour for the weary to seek repose. It’s the devil’s trick card to hinder you from being the best you are designed to be: to make you hit below par.

What will be will not be!

Haven’t you heard the saying, ‘.. the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the VIOLENT taketh it by force’? [Matthew 11:12] Or this saying: ‘Seest thou a man DILIGENT in his business, he shall stand before king; he shall not stand before mean men’ [Proverbs 22:29]

Therefore what will be will not be! It is what you make be or do not make be that will be. What you become, achieve or attain is decided by you, not one invisible fate.

You are the creator of your own future. That is why you are created to have free will, to make decision and to live with the consequence of all your actions and decisions — be it good or bad consequence.

No wonder God said in Deuteronomy 30:19 KJV:
‘I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:’

Finally, what HAS BEEN is what SHALL be as stated in Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV is a generic statement for all things created under the sun, but not personalized to you. Moreover this does not carry the same interpretation as ‘whatever will be will be’.

It’s interpretation as it relates to human is that there is nothing new any man can be, achieve or attain that does not have a semblance of what has been before him.

Therefore don’t be a victim of fate, waiting for what will be to be. Make what you want, to be, through Christ that strengthens you according to His good & perfect will. Praise the LORD!

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