1. GOD DISCOVERY: The train of personal development runs in the track of God discovery; it is in discovering God that our true self becomes unveiled. All the patriarchs in the scripture and those with lasting success in our world are God-pursuers.

2. PURPOSE DISCOVERY AND TENACITY: This is the next step in the journey to personal development; purpose discovery is the product of God discovery. Destiny is beautified when purpose is unveiled. You have to be in your assignment to develop yourself in that field in other to possess your possession. Many Christians are wrongly located, cultivating another man’s farmland and expecting to emerge in their promise-land. Abraham and Isaac were victims of wrong placement; they never possessed their promised inheritance until they discovered where they should be. Right location is an ultimate requirement for conquest.
Moreso, the principle of tenacity, called ‘stick-to-itiveness’ needs to be adopted. This means staying in your purpose where other fields become unattractive. You can only emerge in your Canaan-land by remaining where you’re sent, you end up a charade going where you’re not sent. Everyone going in one direction does not qualify for overboard success. There is a special place for you, a specific problem you’re designed to solve and a unique task that can get you to your dream-world. We take up responsibilities to become relevant.

3. WISDOM: Wisdom is an indispensable platform for victory in every human endeavour; it is the core demand of possession. Strength does not prevail in the warfare of contending for inheritances, it takes wisdom to emerge a success.
The book of Proverbs chapter 4 verse 7 had this to say about wisdom: “Wisdom is the Principal thing, therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding”. Many Christians possess great faith, and some are even prayer warriors without visible effect in achievements, all due to lack of Wisdom. We need not to forget that it takes wisdom to walk with the Author of all Wisdom.

To acquire this wisdom for self development towards possessing our inheritance, two major avenues are important:
– The Scripture: The instruction in the bible are the highest instructions in all human affairs (2 Tim 3:16-17). Friend, everything we ever need to walk into our promised inheritances is all wrapped up in between those two covers of the bible. The world bows down to those who bow their heads to unveil the boundless truth of the scripture. The word of God is above all!
– Relevant Skill and Information: Romans 12:1 charges us to get transformed through the renewal of our mind. The world of self development is at the mercy of current, relevant and updated information. God’s promise of a great destiny is not in isolation of self-equipping with relevant information in your field.
The current upsurge in the use of Information and Communication Technology, which ought to be an avenue for accessing relevant information and self development, has unfortunately become a trap to many youths, spending the best part of their time on irrelevant information. Thus, many lose focus and got their dreams thwarted. Friend, you need to make your difference entirely different to stand out.

Hit it hard and wish it well: In every great endeavour, a price must be paid. Personal development is the cost for walking triumphantly into our possession. We must lay it to heart that the promise land of our dream is always guided by giants, thus a contending is required if possession is desired. The Children of Israel had to fight towering giants to take possession of their God-ordained inheritances.
Friend, victory requires two essentials as seen in the experience of the Israelites – The work of God’s children and the Miracles of their God. The cities of Jordan would be conquered only when the soles of the feet of the people touched their territory. The walls of Jericho would only fall after God’s children marched. For every blessing and possessions, there was a price to be paid; and ours will not be an exemption. Give your best and expect the best.

Finally, I end with the all time effectual prayer of Apostle Paul to the Ephesians:
I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritances in the saints – Eph. 1:18


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