One individual differs from another simply by how they exercise their Yes ability. Looking around us, we find people who have said yes to riches, they live in abundance of all that money can buy while there are people living in the same space who have a totally different experience. Just as identical twins born on the same day, conceived in the same womb and probably even exposed to the same environment, yet their experiences differ. All of these are evidences of how we use our yes ability. The yes in question is not in favour of lip service but a heart posture. Our mind space is constituted of the experiences we permit, which certainly is radiated in our lifestyle and then our history.
Around us we see daily those who radiate effortless beauty, they glow and shine like the evening sun and beholding their presence keeps us wowed. Truth is such look has little or nothing to do with skincare products or beauty routine but a beautiful heart radiating peace, calm and love. Often times what we appreciate outwardly is first an inside job; the Yeses they’ve permitted in their space.
I sense the need for you to do a self audit, scanning through the yeses of your life and making efforts towards channelling them to your life’s beautiful evolving… You have The Yes-ability. Use it!

Cheers to your new Yeses, in love and life abundant, in wealth, riches, impact, health and prosperity.

Your associate of Great Yeses,
TM Grace


  1. Hmm.. this is really deep. This beg to ask what do we Individually permit in our God-given space and what do we say yes to…
    Lord help me to use my Yes-ability to the fullness of your purpose for my life… 
    More sweet & abounding amazing grace to you @TM Grace

  2. tmgrace

    Thank you so much sir. May our Yes ability yield unto us beautiful and abundant result in Jesus name.

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