Ayopo Kudayisi


Prayer of an evangelist
Oh Lord, give us your word…
A word for those in rebellion
the ones who have heard, but will not follow
they pass through your house but don’t love the household
They speak the language but don’t have the life
Oh lord give us their word…

They’ve heard our words and they know the lines
They scorn sometimes, and never realise,
They even complete some of our verses
the psalms, the proverbs… just poems to them

Oh lord give us their word.
Except we speak your words, except we show your power, except we reveal your person…
They will laugh at our preaching

Anoint us oh lord… touch our lips, let your fire ignite their heart
So they won’t be destroyed…like he that has stiffened his neck.

– 1cor2:4


  1. Oh Lord, please give us Your Word, a word in season to free those in prison.
    Oh Lord please give us their words, to convict and free them from their folly, so they might be called to Your glory….
    Beautiful piece Sir.. May God’s grace abound more upon you bro.

  2. Ayopo Kudayisi

    Amen. Amen

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