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My friend nothing is ever achieved nor gotten by chance but by sacrifice: The life you have was gotten through sacrifice — your parent’s.

Everything anyone has or will have, was paid for or must be paid for through sacrifice. A man is where he is today by the sacrifice of time, money and energy he paid.

Therefore before you desire the position of an Iceberg flowing on the sea, remember ninety percent of its body mass is submerged in the cold Arctic.

Before you covet the value and beauty of pure Gold, remember it has gone through the Refiner’s furnace.

Before you get jealous of the ‘Moon’, remember it’s all alone in space where there is no life; and before you desire it’s height, remember this is why it is closer to the heat of the Sun than the heat you and I can bear.

Thus, my friend, what we see or perceive is far less than what we don’t see. No wonder Ecclesiastes 5:19 says:
“The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much: BUT THE ABUNDANCE OF THE RICH WILL NOT SUFFER HIM TO SLEEP”. [KJV. Emphasis mine]

Are you aware, even the ‘free gift’ of salvation isn’t free; Jesus Christ sacrificed for it with His Blood, so that you and I may get it ‘free’ through our sacrifice of choice.

Therefore, if the only begotten Son of God is the required sacrifice for our redemption from eternal damnation, then my dear friend, I can’t make this clearer or put it any other way:

There is nothing free in life! As ‘there is no free lunch in Freetown!’

Hence, before you covet that man’s gift or position, ask yourself if you can pay the sacrifice he paid to get it, or to get there. And before you desired that woman’s achievement, are you ready to pay the sacrifice she paid?

Now hear this: “Durable gifts and achievements do not happen by chance, but by sacrifice”.

Therefore before you ‘place your order’ always ask for the price to pay; and make — “Lord what would You have me do?” — your prayer when asking.


  1. matthew

    Indeed, nothing is free! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hmmm so true.. There is sacrifice to be paid for every good thing — ‘before you place your order, please ask for the price to pay!’.

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