Mercy and Hope Awaits You

Let not your heart be troubled, there is hope for you: Let not your heart be disturbed, for mercy awaits you. If there is hope that a tree cut down will sprout again, then there is greater hope for you: yes, you son of man that God is mindful of; and you child of the Most High whom He does visit.

If mercy was reserved for Saul, the chiefest of sinners, then be rest assured God’s mercy awaits you: yes, you with a broken and contrite heart whom God will not despise.


How great is your sin that the grave has not seen, and how mighty is your transgression that the earth can not bear Many death the grave has swallowed; many waters the earth has drank, albeit God’s mercy is greater than them both.

For God will not chide with you forever: yes, you with a broken heart. And you with a repentant Spirit He will forgive. Fear not for what tomorrow holds: you that eats the bread of lack. And you that drink from the cup of anguish, despair not: for joy comes in the morning.

Remember the Widow that fetched woods for the preparation of her last meal; yet her jars of oil did not empty and her barrel of meal did not finish. [1King 17:11-16]

And forget not that, to him that is joined to the living there’s greater hope: a living servant is better than a dead master. [Ecclesiastes 9:4]

Therefore, let your hope be in the Lord God Almighty and raise your supplication aloud to the Most High: for His Mercy awaits your calling!

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