Ayopo Kudayisi


The father has built himself a mighty edifice,
A glorious house, of beauty of colour and of splendour

We cannot describe
O man of God,
The glory of the rubies, the beauty of the sapphire
The grandeur of the goldstones, the silverstones
and all other stones
that make up the house

But I heard too…
We have wood, claystones and chaff in this mixture
Where are these my lord?

Don’t you know?
The clay, and wood and all that is ugly
are reserved for the toilet
For the wastebin and refuse house
where there is neither glory nor beauty
Where no one likes to behold

Have I not said, O man of God?
Flee these things
Flee unrighteousness, flee iniquity, flee unfaithfulness
Make yourself pure
Make your vessel, of gold or of silver
So your life will form a part of kingdom beauty.

2 thi 2:20-21


  1. Oh Lord, a vessel for your use only I want to be… purge me with hyssop that I may be clean, wash me with your blood that I may be made whiter than snow.. create in me a new heart Oh Lord and use me for your glory… thanks for sharing this bro…

  2. Beautiful work @Ayopo  bro…abundant grace, may the Lord pour on you

  3. matthew

    Don’t know how I missed this! Lord, help me to be and remain a vessel fit for the Master’s use.

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