For the longest time in my life I lived under Pressure
Pressure to “be, do and appear as”
Pressure to perform
Pressure to please, call it what it is People-pleasing
Pressure to appear a certain way
Pressure to be perfect”- perfectionism is not what you think

For the one looking to justify themself,
Rethink perfectionism – It’s an unhealthy cry for acceptance, tricking its victim to believe you’ll finally be enough or accepted based on what you do or don’t.
It’s the enemy’s attempt at the perversion of who we already are.

It’s a cry from the rejected soul fighting to “finally be accepted”. It’s at the backdrop of what drives women into unwholesome relationships, keeps men in less than the best jobs and keep a person barely keeping up in a toxic situation.

The 1st antidote I found?
A realization:
1- that you are already enough, in your seeming frailty, in our seeming less than perfect realities, in our daily nuances and subtleties – Enough
2- our beauty is enough, our existence is enough and it is this reality that drives us daily to say our affirmations
To journey on a mind reprogramming, till our subconscious finally agrees to a reality that had always been there but we were never brave enough to embrace.

So if you’re a recovering people pleaser or still on a journey out of approval addiction into the fullness of who God calls you, say this with me:

I am Enough
I am Worth
I am Joy
I am Love
I am Acceptance
My views matter and
I am important on the global scene

Yours in Re-conditioning,


  1. Iwayemi Olanorin

    Beautiful piece… we are more than enough for who and what God has purposed us for, because He that is in us is more than he that is in the world.
    Welcome @olamide-atoyebi to your season of exploit and wonders. The world is waiting for your manifestation!

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