Heinsight Counsellor


Oh my dear Child, I have few words to say to you. And to this I pray that you hearken, that you lay them to heart: for they’re priceless wisdom from the Master. They’re not to be traded for gold!

My Child, your first resistance to sin is the easiest; sin gets harder to resist once you give in to your first. So don’t wake the ‘dog’ you can’t put back to sleep.

My Child, your first fall in your zeal to walk is always the most painful, so get up and walk again. Don’t let the scare of falling hinder you from taking new steps.

My Dear Child, your first attempt at any good course is the toughest, so don’t stop trying should you fail the first time.

Oh my Child, the first cut is often the deepest; but try to love again and again: For it is in the fullness of love, your healing begins.

Oh my dear Child, your first taste of freedom and riches are the easiest for you to squander. So be mindful of how you spend them when they come by: they are to be Invested and managed.

[Freedom and riches are not oceans that doesn’t run dry. They are birds that fly away when their cage is let loose].

My Child, the first friends you make are your first practical trainers on how to treat your peers: they will show you whether to treat them with cruelty or with compassion. So choose your friends carefully, because they can shape your perception of life.

My dear Child, your first years of decisions are the most sensitive years of your life: they are the weakest link in ‘your ladder’ to the topmost top. So fill your first years of decisions with your Creator’s instructions: and you will not stumble.

Oh my dear Child, the world may tell you stolen bread is sweet, and that corrupt waters satisfy the thirst. But the day you taste of their bread, will be your first in a life of ceaseless lack; and the hour you drink of their waters, will be your first in the begining of your unquenchable thirst.

[So don’t steal to satisfy your hunger and don’t corrupt still waters to quench your thirst].

Finally my dear Child hearken to the instructions of thy father and forsake not the counsel of thy mother: For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck.
May God do help you in Jesus name.
[READ Proverbs 1:8-33]

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