Finely Knitted into the fabric of our souls is the desire for fellowship, a thirst for human connection and a craving for community. We are not a breed of creation designed to do live alone or dwell too long in solitude, having acknowledged that a portion of solitude is healthy for top class living. As we bid the post pandemic effect goodbye and prepare to unwrap the gift of a fresh year, the time is now to launch into depth of living, the core of human existence, now is the time to permit the intended purpose of The Father regarding His Creation.

We have not only survived a pandemic, many of us also have survived heartbreaks, betrayal, major life blows dealt us, yet we’re still here, standing strong and perhaps stronger. It’s about time you invited healing into your inner room. Do the openness of heart the honor, reap off the dividends of peace and bask in the euphoria of “gladness found me again”.

I’m led to bring to your notice
a common act you may have belittled at your disadvantage. I’m obligated to bring to your awareness how much of a luxury you miss out on as a result of our hurry-fiarytale dimension of living. The scriptural counsel of “Be still and know that I am God” wasn’t added to increase the volume of books, it’s a timeless instruction needed on the journey of Life Abundant. Yes, I agree Living in retrospect earns us the enlightenment of our life’s riches and one of such riches would include Hugs. These experience with hugs sometimes takes different direction. It is possible to practice hugs mindfully, being conscious of the moment, the person(s) before you and taking joy in all of that right there at that time. However, there is another part of hugs I’m starting to newly learn about, where it dawns on you hours or days after huging that someone. You discover the healing effect such hug had on you. This happened to me recently and I’m marvelled at how tiny details such as hugs can make tremendous difference in our living. I believe It’s necessary to consider the impact of our thought if we desire to have meaningful and healing hugs take place.

Toxic can’t birth Healthy. For our relationships to be more meaningful, impactful and fufilling, we must open the gate of access in our souls, we must be involved in the continous conversation of our thoughts when with this people and we must never undermine the impact that fellowship has on us collectively as a people.

Hugs are one of our healing balms, use it. With hugs you can heal within and heal without.
Your hugs have life!

Recepient and Dispenser of Living Hugs,
TM Grace.


  1. Iwayemi Olanorin

    Hmmm…. really deep…
    Henceforth, Lord please give life and healing to others through my simple gift of hug in Jesus name. More of God’s grace TM Grace

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