It may not happen so fast, Give it Time

It takes many nights to become an Overnight success, Give It Time
It takes many hands to build an Edifice, Give it Time
That vision will not become an overnight success, Give it Time
That baby will Gestate for 9 months and rightly so, Give it much needed Time

That idea must marinate and evolve and become, Give it time.
In a world of instant fame, instant noodles, instant success.
Your greatness might take time and rightly so, Give it time.
The crushing is never the end, Joseph would come to spend more time in the palace than He ever did in the prison, Give it time.
Pain, like every life season has expiration days, date and time, Give it Time.
Excellence takes time, Intimacy takes time, knowledge takes time, Mastery takes time, Give it time.

So what must Happen in time?
Prepare – Prepare for the future as He shows you.
Paint- Paint a Picture of the future as God shows you.
Stay consistent and true to the Call with which you’ve been called.

Practice focus, Practice gratitude and as importantly, stay in family.
Remembering, you are building as unto the Lord, He marks the script of our life. He determines great work and not “fast” Work, so this is in no case a cry for Laxity, mediocrity nor Laziness but a clamour for Patience.

Such that after you have done the Will of God, you may Obtain.

And this is my prayer for you today,
That you stay the journey, that you run the race and after you have waited in time, you may obtain – obtain the promise.

Yours In Waiting,


  1. “…Joseph would come to spend more time in the Palace than he did I the Prison, Give it Time..” Hmmmm.. this is infact very true. Our awaiting season are our making season. A baby elephant has to wait longer in her mother’s womb than a baby pig will because of its greatness when compare to a piglet.
    I will therefore give it time that my making may reach it’s full maturity of greatness. So help me Lord. Amen

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