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Who we are

Heinsight is a non-denominational Christian community that provides a community, spiritual counsel and clarifications according to scripture and the inspiration of the Holy spirit . We do not promote any denominational or personal doctrine and we do not support factions and division in the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 1 vs 10-13).

How we operate

Heinsight operates online, connecting globally to its vast community through its social media channels and forums, we are also available via email and other channels defined on the website 

Our Creed

We believe in the entire bible, both old and new testaments are inspired word of God.

We are fully aware of the role of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ according to John 14:25-26.

What we do not permit

Heinsight will never put you under pressure or duress to sow or pay a monetary contribution towards any of her community projects.

Please report any of such cases to

We do not permit content that does not reveal or Glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and Heinsight Counsellor have the exclusive right to delete or request modification of such content