My greatest regret in life up till now is marrying the woman I married. I feel fulfilled travelling to more than seven countries working on different oil vessels and still a part time pastor all the way but I wish I never married the mother of my four children, this was the conclusion of Pastor Martins. Funny enough after speaking with Mrs Martins, I was very sure she is born again and a good woman, her conclusion was I wish I followed all the counsel then,even my both parents were absent at our wedding because they were not in support of I marrying Martins. I’m regretting marrying him now. Well this is my own conclusion:I wish they both DOUBLE CHECKED.

It is the assurance from your double checking that keeps you standing firm when things are not going as expected. There is this assurance within that even though there are challenges at the moment but I’m at the centre of God’s plan for my life and you keep moving on.

Discernment of spirits is a valuable spiritual ability that makes you avoid destiny marring steps. Discernment of spirits simply means identifying the controlling force behind an action ( Act 16:16-18). This ability makes you sense futile visions, friendly enemies and unsafe adventure that you don’t need to embark on. So, DOUBLE CHECK.

Most problem many persons are going through are self inflicted ( Isaiah 5:13). Without this HolyGhost given ability, it will be difficult for you to distinguish between what is good for ONLY NOW and the perfect will of God that will ALWAYS GET BETTER. So, double check.

Discernment of spirits is birthed out of intimacy with the Omniscience God, when you spend enough time in prayers and studying God’s word, worshiping Him in Spirit and truth. The more you kill your flesh the more your spirit man tune to heavenly frequency. So, DOUBLE CHECK why things are not working and decide to take the right turn today.

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