Heinsight Counsellor


Oh my friend, why do you crave for love where it is not and why do you search for affection where it can not be found. Love is not resident there and affection is hidden from them; but don’t you worry, and waste no more time, Our Father Loves you.

You that is troubled, why do you seek peace where confusion and chaos is the order of the day; the world does not offer peace. Peace is from the Lord. But don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in need of mercy, who told you your mercy lies in the hands of your captor — he can’t give what he does not have; moreover he is also in need of mercy — for mercy is of the Lord. But don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in search of safety, when will you realise the arms of flesh will fail you and the assurance of men will betray you. Safety is of the Lord alone; but don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in need of healing, why do you waste time seeking ailment where it is not, haven’t you heard healing is the children’s bread. But worry no more, Our Father Loves you!

You that is stressed, why are you still heavy laden with your self labour? Don’t you know a day of God’s favour supercede a lifetime of any man’s labour; but don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

Oh my dear friend, if the Fowls of the air sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather there food in barns/storehouses; and if the Lilies of the field labour not for their clothing, yet Our Father in Heaven watches over them all; how much more will He settle you, you that He dearly Loves.

His Love for you will not allow you go empty, neither will it allow you be put to shame. Wait on Him and wait for Him: For our Father Loves you!


  1. matthew

    Only in God we have the fulness of all what makes for life and godliness. The best thing about trusting Him with all our cares and anxieties hangs on the integrity of His word and his unwavering faithfulness. No matter the changing situations, our God can be trusted!

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