Heinsight Counsellor


Beloved, rejoice in the Lord for your long awaited year has began. But note that some routine/new decisions will be served on your table, required of you to make or take.

Please don’t take this as ‘business as usual’, because this year will produce great & bountiful harvest unto all that make wise and godly decisions.

How then can you make wise and godly decisions?

First you need to know that there is what the scripture calls earthly wisdom(often known as ‘street smartness’), sensual wisdom(often called common sense), devilish wisdom(evil sense), and the wisdom that is from above called godly wisdom — that which brings good success, joy and fulfillment: This is the one you are to pray to receive and strive to make use of.

Having established this truth, you therefore need to examine the wisdom you apply to any situation/decision:

If it be without sin/corruption,
If it be peaceful,
If it does not impose or demand force,
If it’s kind and easy on the recipient,
If it be merciful,
If it produces good fruits, void of greed and
If it be without partiality & hypocrisy.

If all these are in place in your decisions, then you can be rest assured you are operating under godly wisdom. And without fail, you will reap its bountiful harvest. [James 3:13-18, Proverbs 24:13-14]

Happy New Year!

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