Heinsight Counsellor


Beatrice, don’t go with them, their destruction is near. Raphael, come out from among them, the Lord’s wrath is soon to fall on them: for they have defile the Lord’s tabernacle with their nakedness and they have stained His Holy ground with shedding innocent blood.

Their tongue burns hotter than a furnace: who can quench? Their heart runs deep with wickedness: who can seal it? They have cursed the law with their tongue and with their heart, they have sent the simple to early grave; cease from their company.

Desist from their counsel, their instructions are dart shot to the heart. Resist their enticement, it has wrecked the destiny of Kings and Princes. As the sepulchre never says enough, so their mischief never cease and as the morning announces the day, so their counsel announces their end.

Stay away from their gathering, they that blaspheme the Son of God and walk not with them, they that mock His anointed: for they will soon be cut down as grass and soon blown out as candle in the wind.

For they soiled the name of the Lord in their circus and because their conscience is seared, they won’t repent and because their eyes are dimmed, they won’t want to see. They pervert the law of the Lord and they suffer little children to walk in error with their technology and their media pervasion:

As unbearable the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall be their reward and the recompense of those that tolerate their mischief; please don’t be numbered with them.

Pitch not your tent with them, their site is polluted, and tend not your flocks on their field, there are serpents hidden under their green grass. Their foxes will spoil your vine, and their little foxes your tender grapes. Even their grapes are sore and sour; don’t eat from them

They have made Mammoth their god and Belial their teacher. They have chosen for themselves prophets that prophesy ‘their desire for sin’ and for fame, they ‘court’ nudity and for self gain they trade with false-scale.

Suddenly shall be their end and quickly shall the memories of their Prophet be forgotten. The Lord shall not forget to reward their evil; even as hand join to hand so shall their punishment be joined to them.

Please come out from among them for they will destroy you; but if you return not to their ways, the Lord will show you mercy and if you will forsake their culture the Lord will deliver you from the wrath.

The Lord has not condemned you and He is still not condemning you yet, come back to Him for cleansing; He is waiting on you my friend!

Micah 2:10 KJV
Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.

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