Job 1:1; 3b

There is a strong connection between your destiny and your character. Your character is a pointer to the sustainance of your destiny. The durability of destiny is determined by the strength of your character. To loose character is to be set to loose everything. (Proverbs 14:12)

Your character is the custodian of your destiny. Hence , character failure will drag anyone into destiny failure eventually. Your character is your true representative before men. (Act 6:3)

Good character is not a gift neither is it inherited, it is acquired consciously as you get engrafted to Jesus. So, it is your responsibility to work on becoming like Jesus in character.

Your character is the real you and until you allow God break and remould you, destiny destroying character might still be hidden in you.

Luke 10:18; Any habit and attitude that is capable of bringing shame to the name of God and bringing you down must be worked on: pride, arrogance, anger, greed, laziness, financial dishonesty, unforgiveness, you must do character work on all these and trust God to make you a better Christian.


  1. Iwayemi Olanorin

    This is very true Sir… skill, knowledge and hardwork can get someone a job, position or favour, but it is the individual’s character that can help him sustain that position. Infact our character is the real us. And it is therefore needful we check our character/disposition towards all peole and things: be it criticism or praise, towards the poor or old… etc.
    Thanks for this piece bro more grace be multiply upon you.

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