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Ayopo Kudayisi


When will you work, O lazy man?
Will you wait till evening comes?
When men retire from their labour?
And the day’s wages are being paid?

When will you harvest O slothful soul?
Will you wait till the husks are fully brown?
Till the harvest is overripe?
Until the birds of the air find sweetness in the fruits?
When others would have profited from the sales of harvest?

When will you pray O man of God?
Will you wait for hills to become mountains?
Will you allow small rivers become mighty oceans?
Will you allow evil tares grow and mature?
Will you watch Satan become king in your affairs?

Shake yourself from the dust,
arise; Sit down, O Jerusalem!
Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion!
Strengthen the hands which hang down, and your feeble knees
make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated,





HOST: Good-day viewers out there, you’re welcome to your favourite T.V show “Teens Corner”, I remain your host Adenike Omoboriowo.
Today, we will be sharing a very sensitive topic titled “Things Parents Think Teens Don’t Know About”

As children grow, they begin to attain the stage of Adolescence where they do not only grow physically and emotionally but they also grow intellectually. At this stage, they inquire about a lot of things, they want to know what is what, and this is the point in their life where they need communication with their parents most. Unfortunately, many parents fail in this area, refusing to educate and answer questions from their curious teenagers. They feel they are still too young to know what is already known to them; but on the contrary, these teens know more than the parents do as the T.V, Magazines, internet and friends substitute for their role in educating them.
This morning, here with me are teenagers who are ready to say it all out. Without wasting time let’s begin with my first guest, Bode

BODE: I’m 17 yrs, I came from a family of four and I’m the eldest, my challenge is my parents. Things are getting worst day by day between them. They fight before going to bed and wake up to continue. It’s becoming too much and it’s tearing me apart. The worst part is that they never believe that I and my siblings are affected. At my age, they still believe I’m blind to all that it’s happening. People just come to my house and believe things are perfect because my dad is an Elder and my mum a Deaconess. I’m sick of their life of pretence.

HOST: How does it all happen?

BODE: Uhm! I don’t actually want to talk about that, but I will! It all got blown open when my Dad refused to give up on alcohol even after being made an Elder in church, he comes home drunk every weekend and when my Mummy raises up her voice, he would lock the door and starts beats her up, believing we won’t know but we do. She is presently threatening to pack out. I’ve been praying, God is telling me to be strong, but my ‘strong’ is broke.

HOST: That’s serious! Parents’ insensitivity to their children’s emotions. We’ll come back to you. Let’s hear from our second guest, Tade.

TADE: I don’t really know what to call my own class of challenge.

HOST: Go ahead and just explain.

TADE: Okay, my parents are quite wealthy and they’ve been able to meet all our needs. I do really thank God for that; but the issue is that their pursuit of wealth is affecting me… they don’t know me! They never create time to be with us not even on holidays, they only drop money for us to get whatever we want. I grew up at the mercy of our “maid-turned-mother”, who locks us up on the instruction of my parents, and now that I’m 18, I can’t relate well with people because I just can’t. The day I poured out my mind to my dad about finding time for us especially for my siblings because as for me, I am already used to it. You won’t just believe his reaction, he flared up and called me an ingrate, that all he’s doing is all for us, asking me if I want him to give up his job for us. I was disappointed, and since then, I gave up trying.

HOST: Thanks Tade, let’s hear you John.

JOHN: Mine is different but I believe all teens will relate with it. I don’t know if my parents know about pornography, but I do! They don’t all know of my struggle with pornography, but I do struggle with it! It’s all over me, in the T.V, Magazine and Internet. I don’t know how to break off it.

HOST: Have you ever discussed it with your parents?

JOHN: You want to kill me! Nobody in my family has ever taken cognizance of the fact that I’m growing, my parents never talked to me about such things. I have free access of exposure to watch whatever I deem fit. To worsen the matter, there is a shop close to my house where such pornographic magazines and videos are sold, my parents know about it but just believe I can never go there, but I do. On a day I mistakenly told my mum that I was going to get a C.D from the shop, she flared up, wanting to know why I would go there and sternly warned me never to go there. When I asked why, she gave no reply, just insisted that I should not go there. Isn’t that odd?

• I know your mum thought you’ve never been there before, but she was wrong. This is one of the problems of parent-child communication, parents treating teens like babies, asking them to stay away from things without giving relevant reasons.
• Let’s hear your view Bukky

BUKKY: Mine is quite interesting, although kind of similar to John’s. My parents always avoid the sex topic or maybe they are afraid of the unknown result. I do everything possible to get them open up to me and if my mum wants to guide me, all she says is that “Hen, Bukky, the things that married people do to have children, don’t do it o” and I’m always like “what should I not do” but she will just go blank. It isn’t that I don’t know what she’s talking about, infact who wouldn’t know in this age where sex display is everywhere even in cartoon movies meant for children. I just want to hear from them but if I keep asking, they will begin to take me for a promiscuous child.

HOST: That’s serious, how do you mean?

BUKKY: Here is an illustration, whenever we are watching movie together and any sexual display shows up, all they do is change the channel and when I ask why, they tell me it isn’t meant for me. For crying out loud, am 17 years, instead for them to discuss with me, they only try to hide what I already known. Infact, they believe I’m a Pope.

HOST: This is quite revealing! Seun, what do you have to say about this?

SEUN: Bukky is totally right, my experience also falls in the same class of challenge. My mum thinks I’m too young to talk to boys even at age 17+, she won’t allow me move with them, checking my phone every now and then, asking me to stay away from boys’ but she never for once sit me down to advice me as a mother. The irony of it all is that she still never got to know about the fact that I already have a boyfriend for almost 2yrs now. One day I asked her why she was treating me like a 7yrs old baby and she said “Don’t mix up with them unless you want to have a baby”. I almost bursted into wild laughter; for God’s, am an adult, talk to me as one; if you don’t, life experience will. Actually, I knew what she was talking about but she made the wrong approach, she was trying to prevent me from having sex which will lead to pregnancy but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t talk with them.

HOST: Uhm! Am speechless, viewers and parents out there, you’ve heard it all. More is still to come. Join me in our next edition for the concluding part of this series titled “Things Parents Think Teens Don’t Know About”. Till then, Parents don’t forget “If you don’t train them, don’t blame them”





Until you hear clearly from God on your matter of concern, the devil will keep using sorrow and depression to steal your strength.
So, how do you stay connected to the Joy of the Lord.

# Hearing from Heaven. Luke 24:6-8,

God visit His people principally by His word. Jesus was only able to endure the cross and ignore the shame because there was Joy of what lies ahead burning inside of him ( Heb 12:2).

Until you hear clearly from God on your matter of concern, the devil will keep using sorrow and depression to steal your strength.

Once you get direct revelation of God’s word, focus your hope on that word of God because it is the channel through which the Joy of the Lord flows into you and strengthens you.

# Abiding in Christ.
As you truly completely submit yourself to Christ, the Joy of the Lord comes naturally ( John 15:4-5). The Joy of the Lord is the gladness of heart that comes from knowing God and abiding in Christ. This gives you an assurance that you have an inheritance that can never perish or fade and no one can steal it from you. ( 1 Peter 1: 3-6)… ( To be continued)



Heinsight Counsellor


Oh my friend, why do you crave for love where it is not and why do you search for affection where it can not be found. Love is not resident there and affection is hidden from them; but don’t you worry, and waste no more time, Our Father Loves you.

You that is troubled, why do you seek peace where confusion and chaos is the order of the day; the world does not offer peace. Peace is from the Lord. But don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in need of mercy, who told you your mercy lies in the hands of your captor — he can’t give what he does not have; moreover he is also in need of mercy — for mercy is of the Lord. But don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in search of safety, when will you realise the arms of flesh will fail you and the assurance of men will betray you. Safety is of the Lord alone; but don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in need of healing, why do you waste time seeking ailment where it is not, haven’t you heard healing is the children’s bread. But worry no more, Our Father Loves you!

You that is stressed, why are you still heavy laden with your self labour? Don’t you know a day of God’s favour supercede a lifetime of any man’s labour; but don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

Oh my dear friend, if the Fowls of the air sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather there food in barns/storehouses; and if the Lilies of the field labour not for their clothing, yet Our Father in Heaven watches over them all; how much more will He settle you, you that He dearly Loves.

His Love for you will not allow you go empty, neither will it allow you be put to shame. Wait on Him and wait for Him: For our Father Loves you!





Nehemiah 8:10b

Money brings happiness and makes life run smoothly. Everything is not about money but money affect everything; Love is sweet and makes life enjoyable. Position is pleasurable and makes life looks as if it should not end.

Happiness comes from ” good happenings” that is when everything is going your way, when things are turning out as planned. When you have a lot of money, when you and your family are healthy and becoming more successful in what you are doing. (Luke 12: 16-20).

But what happens if things are not so good, when your family is financially stressed and tensioned, when struggling with unemployment or underemployment, when your marriage/home is under heat and fire or when loved one is down with sickness. When depression is setting into your life. Where do you get strength to keep holding on?

Friends, the Joy of the Lord is the basic antidote to the poison of depression. The Joy of the Lord is a deeper inner gladness regardless of circumstances going on around you. You may not have reasons to be laughing on the outside but the joy of the Lord gives an inner calmness that all is well. (John 16: 33; 20).

The Joy of the Lord is divine. God is the source of this Joy and He is the giver of this Joy. ( John 14:27). This Joy is supernatural and very available in the time of trials and depression.

So, how do you connect to this antidote to depression. The first channel of this Joy is…. ( to be continued)



Heinsight Counsellor


Ever wondered why anxiety, mental stress, blood pressure, restlessness in both the young and old, rich and poor in the society are on the rise daily?

Do you know these problems have ties to what these individuals hear and see regularly. These problems often ‘feed’ on information these victims consumed daily as news.

Now, have you ever wondered why the media houses love to be the first to broadcast breaking news. And have you considered why heart-wrecking sad news are all over our media screens as news flash.

But you won’t hear or see good news such as ‘a new addition to a family’ published on any Media screen free of charge.

Meanwhile, you will see gory news such as ‘an entire family wiped out in a single day’ published/broadcasted free of charge on media screens.

[Let’s be reminded, Media Houses are set up to make profit — just like every business enterprise — and they have discovered from time immemorial that bad news sell rapidly.

Please note: Media Houses are more concern about their business profit, than the mental health of their audience. Even though we won’t expect them to, since we can’t ask them to close down business — just as we can’t tell a Coffin-maker to stop making coffin]

Therefore the onus lies with every individual to check what news he or she buys or feeds on, in order to salvage his or her mental health from the cheaply propagated ‘news-cancer’.

Remember the scripture says in Proverbs 17:22 KJV: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones”.

Proverbs 25:25 KJV:
“As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country”.

Please check the news you feed your soul with; this will either build your faith or feed your fear.

Beloved the truth is, the world has no good news to offer you, just as you can’t give what you don’t have.

Good news is in no other than Jesus Christ. His news are good if you will hearken. His reward is peace and good cheer if you will abide in Him. [John 16:35]

‘LORD please Sanctify me through Thy truth, Thy Word is truth…keep me away from the evil news propagated by day and from evil reports that kill the faith of men…’





1. GOD DISCOVERY: The train of personal development runs in the track of God discovery; it is in discovering God that our true self becomes unveiled. All the patriarchs in the scripture and those with lasting success in our world are God-pursuers.

2. PURPOSE DISCOVERY AND TENACITY: This is the next step in the journey to personal development; purpose discovery is the product of God discovery. Destiny is beautified when purpose is unveiled. You have to be in your assignment to develop yourself in that field in other to possess your possession. Many Christians are wrongly located, cultivating another man’s farmland and expecting to emerge in their promise-land. Abraham and Isaac were victims of wrong placement; they never possessed their promised inheritance until they discovered where they should be. Right location is an ultimate requirement for conquest.
Moreso, the principle of tenacity, called ‘stick-to-itiveness’ needs to be adopted. This means staying in your purpose where other fields become unattractive. You can only emerge in your Canaan-land by remaining where you’re sent, you end up a charade going where you’re not sent. Everyone going in one direction does not qualify for overboard success. There is a special place for you, a specific problem you’re designed to solve and a unique task that can get you to your dream-world. We take up responsibilities to become relevant.

3. WISDOM: Wisdom is an indispensable platform for victory in every human endeavour; it is the core demand of possession. Strength does not prevail in the warfare of contending for inheritances, it takes wisdom to emerge a success.
The book of Proverbs chapter 4 verse 7 had this to say about wisdom: “Wisdom is the Principal thing, therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding”. Many Christians possess great faith, and some are even prayer warriors without visible effect in achievements, all due to lack of Wisdom. We need not to forget that it takes wisdom to walk with the Author of all Wisdom.

To acquire this wisdom for self development towards possessing our inheritance, two major avenues are important:
– The Scripture: The instruction in the bible are the highest instructions in all human affairs (2 Tim 3:16-17). Friend, everything we ever need to walk into our promised inheritances is all wrapped up in between those two covers of the bible. The world bows down to those who bow their heads to unveil the boundless truth of the scripture. The word of God is above all!
– Relevant Skill and Information: Romans 12:1 charges us to get transformed through the renewal of our mind. The world of self development is at the mercy of current, relevant and updated information. God’s promise of a great destiny is not in isolation of self-equipping with relevant information in your field.
The current upsurge in the use of Information and Communication Technology, which ought to be an avenue for accessing relevant information and self development, has unfortunately become a trap to many youths, spending the best part of their time on irrelevant information. Thus, many lose focus and got their dreams thwarted. Friend, you need to make your difference entirely different to stand out.

Hit it hard and wish it well: In every great endeavour, a price must be paid. Personal development is the cost for walking triumphantly into our possession. We must lay it to heart that the promise land of our dream is always guided by giants, thus a contending is required if possession is desired. The Children of Israel had to fight towering giants to take possession of their God-ordained inheritances.
Friend, victory requires two essentials as seen in the experience of the Israelites – The work of God’s children and the Miracles of their God. The cities of Jordan would be conquered only when the soles of the feet of the people touched their territory. The walls of Jericho would only fall after God’s children marched. For every blessing and possessions, there was a price to be paid; and ours will not be an exemption. Give your best and expect the best.

Finally, I end with the all time effectual prayer of Apostle Paul to the Ephesians:
I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritances in the saints – Eph. 1:18



Heinsight Counsellor


The night was cozy and cold. And I had just lain on my bed, ready to sleep, when I heard my Lover knocked on the door.

He called out to me to open unto him. My heart beats and raced faster than the rhythm of a talking drum.
‘My long awaited Lover is finally here’. I said to myself beaming with smiles.

I was filled with delight, knowing I will finally have my great Lover in my embrace, but tiredness and the comfort my bed offered, made me hesitant in opening my door to Him….

I knew He came from a far away country, and that He had brought with Him, His gifts and fragrance of love; but the enticement of sleep and tiredness, made me got up late.

By the time I unlatched my door, my Lover was gone. I perceived His sweet scent at the door [an evidence that he came by].

I took to the street that night to find my Lover and to plead for His forgiveness. He was nowhere to be found. Perhaps He has taken shelter for the night under another’s roof. No one I met could tell.

I became desperate. The sleep and tiredness that caused my delay had forsaken me at this time. I am now to blame for my delay.

I walked into the den of thieves unaware, and they took from me my purse of priced jewels.

I fell into the hands of abductors & molesters, and they stole my chastity — the last of what I held precious…

That night I learnt the hard way, never to delay a Lover’s call.

And this I tell you my friend:

Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart; delay not in opening your heart to Him. Remember He gave you the heart in the first place, and He is asking you to willfully open it to Him.

Seek the Lord early while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.

Hear what He said in Revelation 3:20 KJV :
“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”.

My friend, the pain and agony of missing the great Lover does not have a soothing balm, ask the foolish Virgin that missed their long awaited bridegroom [Matthew 25:1-13].

Beloved make today your day of salvation! Delay no further
[Read similar account of this in Songs of Solomon 5:1-7]





The Lord said to me, “See, I have begun to deliver Sihon and his country to you. Now begin to conquer and possess his land – Deut. 2:31

Taking possession of God’s promises has been an aspect in the Christian faith that has suffered great abuse and gross misconception. We pray, fast and ‘exercise’ faith in other to possess our God given promise; yet, the promise-land remains unattainable.

God’s promises are always followed by opportunities to fulfil those promises; opportunities to enlarge our coast, to recover our lost possessions and above all, opportunities to be the best for God. However, when these opportunities come, they meet many Christians unprepared for it. God does the ‘delivering’, it’s your responsibilities to do the conquering and possessing.

Personal development is the God’s required human aspect/role in the fulfilment of covenant of blessing. God is all powerful, almighty and all-sufficient, yet He can only faithfully play His own role while expecting you to do likewise.

Possession is not taken in idleness, it requires building the required capacity because content is a function of capacity. God’s way still remains the highway to life, He gives idea, you work it out; He gives the dream, you live the dream; He gives vision, you walk in it and above all, He delivers possession to your door-post, but you do the possessing. So you see, the deposit of Greatness has been made by God, only awaiting your discovery, capacity building and the eventual possession.

He has made everything beautiful in His time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end – Eccl. 3:11

The above scripture summarises the lot of many Christians, having all we need to emerge in our Canaan-land but never fathoming it.

Friend, it is when opportunities meet preparation that possession is birthed. The bane to our Christian superiority in today’s world is not the devil, it is ignorance deeply rooted in lack of self-development. We refuse to play our own role, only to hide under the guise of God’s faithfulness to his promises; No wonder God lament over his people saying “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6). Friend, any faith that makes God entirely responsible for all the events of your life is an irresponsible faith.

The story was once told of two farmers, both trusting and importuning God for rain on their farmland. One of them went ahead to cultivate his farm and continued to trust God for the rain; while the other did nothing, save praying and trusting. The faithful God did finally send the rain, and I trust you already know who got blessed. Friend, we need to go all out to get ready for the rain of opportunities, God will send it when it’s time.

The scripture is filled with pictures of individuals whom despite having God’s unfailing promises in their life, still had to go all out to work out the realization of the promises. The Israelites had the promise of the land flowing with milk and honey, God even sworn that He had delivered it into their hands, yet they had to build up capacity to fight in order to take possession. Jacob inherited a generational covenant of blessing, yet he had to work his hands into the blessing; David’s promise of kingship was not delivered to him until God sent him to the college of self development for kingship and warfare.






It doesn’t matter how high or low men tag any of the kingdom job, the standard of God remains thesame. Whether you are a Bishop, Pastor, teacher, choir, Usher, Deacon, Technical officer, traffic control officer… The biblical requirements for kingdom stewardship are thesame for all.

(1 Tim 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5):
Sexually/maritally faithful
Good manager of household
Financially responsible
Upright in character
Committed to holiness
Able to teach
Spiritually mature (not a new convert)
Respectable (and respected by outsiders)
A good example to the flock

So, don’t confuse working for your church, your senior pastor, your personal gain with working for God. May you not hear on the last day ” depart from me ye workers of iniquity” in Jesus name.





So many times I have tried to please God with my life and plan. I make effort to remain holy, pure and perfect. I lay out rules of dos and don’ts of staying holy. My plans of self-discipline seem perfect, and I seem to please God with my ‘perfect’ holy life. I even perceive God atimes smiling and saying “This is my beloveth son in whom I’m well pleased”
Just when I had thought all was well and perfect, then the unexpected showed up….

“I just can’t believe it was me! How could I have done that….. how could I have been thinking about such immoral act; I can’t believe I just lied. That simply can’t have been the “holy me”
……. and the guilt of my failings enveloped me.

I felt so distant from God, I can’t approach him, and oh I perceived him raging with madness at me. I just knew He couldn’t forgive me because I was in my right senses when I was failing him, I wasn’t forced to lie. I wasn’t on gun-point when I took the decision to defile myself with sinful thoughts and actions. I did them all because it was pleasing to my flesh and my emotion is the driving master who will never say no or stop while enjoying the act.

Then, while in my self-defeat, out of nowhere comes a still voice saying “I am not mad at you, am only not pleased with what you’re doing with who you are”. Oh! That must be God!…..That statement came as a double edged sword in my spirit. First, of condemnation of not seeing my worth and value in God’s lenses to have settled for such act; and a second edge of hope that the righteous God is still interested in a “self-righteous sinful me”.

So now I know I’m not of value to God only when I abide by the 10 commandments, and even the 11th, or when I go down the stretch yielding to the dictates of my flesh. My value isn’t in my perfection or works of righteousness, but perfected in the Blood purchased Grace. The more I humble myself, drop my self-righteousness, then I can take up His Grace – a substitution of weakness for His strength. This is not strength to boast to sin saying “I can never fall to you”, but Grace to accept my inadequacies and receive His strength to stand when temptation shows forth (1Cor 10:13). That is true Maturity!



Heinsight Counsellor


Have you also observed, or is it just me, that speed and momentum is now the order of the day in virtually every area of man’s life in this age and time

Think of this: In professional football, the team with better pace, momentum and tactical sharpness often wins the day.

In professional Table Tennis, the individual with fast-hand in addition to skillfulness often wins the trophy.

And in whatever sport you can think of, speed, pace and momentum gives any skillful athlete competitive edge over their equally skillful counterpart.

Also think of this: Among business analysts and recruiters of Multinational firms, a fast thinker and a quick solution-profferer is often preferred over the ‘slow and steady’ achievers.

And if you keep checking, you will realize we now live in a fast-lane society where we all want quick-fix to our problems. We want things done faster and quicker than our pace. [To highlight one of this: we all can’t tolerant slow Internet connection anymore — it is annoying I surmise]

‘What you have to do, do quick’ is often now the rhetoric I this age, especially when the matter favors the Orator.

My friend, whether we like it or not, this is now the new way to go if we want to stay relevant in this age and time.


Even the Bible has much things to say concerning making haste; however it does not favor it over patience in matters of choice and decision making. So don’t misused Scriptures!

The scripture counsels we make haste to do the good works, the Father’s will and the Father’s business. Hastiness outside any of these, is not scriptural injunctions [beware!].

In whatever assignment the Lord has commanded you, and in whatever capacity the Father has enabled you, add urgency to His instructions: the end is near!

Beloved, I therefore leave you with these injunctions from the Lord and I pray they minister to you with utmost urgency in Jesus name.

Proverbs 3:28 KJV:
Delay not the good you will do. Say not to thy brother to come tomorrow what is thy power to do today.

Proverbs 8:17 KJV:
I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.

1 Samuel 21:8 KJV: …. because the King’s business required haste.




Deborah Olayiwola


I once attended a program and the prayer minister in charge raised a prayer point. She said we should pray that we should not be like signboards. I was almost laughing and I was like what kind of a prayer point is this. Going forward, what kept bothering my mind is the meaning of a signboard. Literally, we all are aware that a signboard is to make an awareness of a particular place, in the world we see signboards everywhere on the streets which are majorly pathfinders to people
of a particular place especially when the address is not clear enough.
Spiritually, I began to ponder what she could have meant by we not becoming signboards then I realized that truly signboards are like pathfinders to a place and it is very rare to see signboards in places that they describe to people, immediately my understanding opened to what she meant by we not becoming signboards spiritually.
Having given one’s life to Christ, authenticates one as a child of God and we automatically become a carrier of His grace, also a direction or a pathfinder for people to come to the El shaddai. I have seen instances that some say that people of the world no longer read the scriptures but read Christians attitude. Are we sure that our attitude would not make us a cast away in the kingdom of God? the little things we think it does not matter? . Imagine those we are struggling to pull to the kingdom of the Father gets to enter and we ourselves finds it hard to make it, God forbid!
In short, this piece is an awakening call to all children of God out there that we hold on to our position firmly and mind the way we behave even behind the scenes lest we become castaways. In the book of (1 cor. 9:27), brother Paul had it that ” But I keep under my body and bring it into subjection…” if we read through that verse we get a detailed understanding of his plight.
The conclusion of this whole matter is that we should subject our flesh always under the leading of the Holy spirit so we would not commit sins which will make us castaways or signboards to the kingdom of God as the Father expects us to all to be a partaker of His eternity. I pray the Lord grants us the grace not to become castaways. Amen



Heinsight Counsellor


To a hungry man, there is this untamable urgency to eat the meal while it is still steaming in the pot. And to an angry soul, he sees good reason to mete out his wrath while it brews in his ‘pot’.

Hmmm…perhaps if any of these two tarries a little more to weigh the matter and count the cost, they will strive to hold back the fiery fire they’re about to ignite [directly or indirectly] on their ‘dry bush’:

Because to every action, there is a repercussion — this is what science calls reaction — and to every secret decision taken today, the consequence(s) of it will make it public tomorrow.

There is no secret thing that will not be revealed sooner or later: be it truth or lie, good or evil. So likewise is Sin.

My friend, don’t be deceive, Salvation does not always exempt you from the repercussion of your Sin. What your genuine Repentance and Salvation does for you, is to take away the chain of repercussion you may suffer from that misdeed, because Mercy has intervened.

Yes, going forward you are saved, but the scar of your sin remains on you to bear — once in a while you may feel the spasm.

There is always a wage(s) that comes with sin; this explains why ‘Saints’ still die in the flesh, because sin had set in motion God ordained repercussion for disobedience. [“For the wages of sin is death…” Roman 3:24].

Remember God is not a respected of person. ‘What is sauce for the Goose, is sauce for the Gander’.

Therefore my dear beloved, if before we take some actions we remember the scripture that says: “Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished..” [Proverbs 11:21 KJV] perhaps we will probably weigh the matter, count the cost and make good decisions that will save us from the scars we may have to live with for the rest of our lives.

God’s reason for asking us not to sin, is not to make Him more godly; but it is to spare us from the consequence/repercussion He has established for every sin a man commits.

Now hear what this scripture says and judge for yourself the truth in it. Job 34:10-11KJV: Therefore hearken unto me, ye men of understanding: far be it from God, that he should do wickedness; and from the Almighty, that he should commit iniquity. [11] For the work of a man shall he render unto him, and cause every man to find according to his ways.

Henceforth my friend, please always weigh the matter and count the cost so you don’t face the wrath; flee every appearance of sin in the flesh, in thought and in action: because the wage(s) of sin is too dear to pay when compared to the weight of the matter.



Heinsight Counsellor


Dear Friend, geographical location does not determine your destiny; it does not determine your outcome in life, nor does it create your life achievement: just like being born into a Christian home does not give you automatic ticket to make Heaven.

That you are born in Africa does not relegate you to the bottom; it does not hinder your success story. The scripture says:

“For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him”. [Romans 10:12 KJV]

Because you are born black does not make you less privileged or at a disadvantage to them born white. We all have 24hrs in a day; so make the day count to your account.

God is not a racist. He does not segregate. There is no sentiment in His judgement. He does terrible things in righteousness. He is righteously rich unto all that call upon him out of a pure heart. So you determine what you get from Him

Don’t permit motivational jargons to stir up bias thought of God in you. Equal opportunity abound unto all that call unto Him.

Jesus told a parable in Luke 19:12-26, about a Noble man who gave a pound each to his ten servants. Two returned with profits, one returned back the same pound. No record was given of the remaining seven: perhaps they squandered the pound and eloped.
At the end of the day Jesus said in verse26:
“For I say unto you, That unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him”

Hence, what everyone does with the ‘pound’ given him or her is what determines his or her outcome and reward. Remember the profit of the earth is for ALL (not for the whites nor blacks, nor any particular race alone). Ecclesiastes 5:9(emphasis mine).

Acts 10:34-35 KJV
“Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: [35] But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him”.

Therefore, stop complaining of your location and your skin color, start making YOUR GIVEN TALENT & AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY COUNT.