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Time is that universal currency of life we are equally given to profit withal. Time is not any short in the East than it is in the West and it is not any long in the North than it is in the South.

The same hour of the day available to the Jew is what is available to the Gentile. There is no rich, richer, richest in the amount of time allotted to every individual in a day. It is what every individual does with his or hers that becomes the subject of comparison.

To those that understood time and season, as was said of the Children of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32, it appears they can do no wrong.

When they sow they reap bountifully. They operate in the same dimension of grace a veteran farmer that knows what season of the year to sow and when to weed operates for outstanding results.

There is a season of life, an individual is disqualified and not fit to be enlisted for a course, labour or purpose and this is the reason scripture in Lamentations 3:27, earnestly charge everyman to bear the yoke in his(her) youth; that very yoke he can’t bear in old age.

Therefore check the time and season of life you are in, so you don’t miss your purpose for the season. A season of childhood missed can’t be regain in Teenage years, neither can it be recovered in Adulthood. Don’t miss your flight!

There is a time scheduled for every flight, and only those that keep to the appointed time will get on board the plane before take off. So check the time of life you’re in, and get booked on the flight of purpose before it takes off.

Joel 2:28 as made it clear that in the Last days Sons and Daughters of Zion — the redeemed of the Lord — shall prophesy, their Old men shall dream dreams, and their Young men shall see visions:”

Therefore check yourself if you are in time or behind schedule in this End-time Season. Please stop wasting time, rather redeem time, because time waits for no one.

Hence the question to you my dear friend is: What season of life and what time of life are you in, so you can get enlisted on your flight of life’s purpose. Please don’t miss your flight!



Heinsight Counsellor


My friend, your degree(s), certificates and your acquired-knowledge wouldn’t profit you not until you put to work what you know and the society we are in today will also not help you [except you’re willing to un-learn it ways], because it has relegated and replaced delayed gratification with instant gratification.

Our Society has replaced thrift and sacrifice with luxury, immoderation and extravagance; and so the saving culture-legacy our father’s of old left us, has now been replaced with spending culture.

Most individuals have relegated saving to the bottom of their priority budget [if at all it qualifies to be on their budget]. They struggle to save what is left of their income after they have apportioned the bulk of it to luxury — in order to keep up with the demands of their societal status.

Be aware there is always a ‘rainy day’ in every man’s life time. It could be at old age, it can be any time of a man’s life and it can be after a man reaches his(her) financial peak, when he ‘plateaus’, and then the law of diminishing return sets in.

Every man’s financial ‘rainy day’ defers in time and in magnitude; and everyone will most likely experience it [ask any one-time richest man in the world].

This is what makes saving & planning a prudent Financial tool and a necessity in order to live a financially-secured life. There is an old and ever relevant saying, even though many ‘investment lobbyist’ have down-played its worth. It goes thus:

‘A penny saved is a penny earned(gained)’.

I tell you, it is this same wisdom that Joseph applied in making Egypt the Economic and Financial capital of the world at a time of global famine, global recession or the World’s rainy day. (Read this account in Genesis 41).

Joseph saved one-fifth (20%) of all Egypt’s harvest & income during her season of abundance(affluence) and store them up for the season of famine.(Gen 41:34). He made saving and planning first on his priority budget and whatsoever was left after a fifth of all incomes were saved, was what was used to meet other needs, wants and desires.

Therefore, please take a cue from this ‘time-immemorial’ and ever-delivering piece of wisdom: After you have removed your Tithe, save the ‘Joseph’s one-fifth’ of all your income, live within the means of what is left. Make this a practice, and you will enjoy your delayed gratification to the fullest.

Please note: What you earn as income will never be enough if you don’t live a moderate lifestyle regardless of how much it is because your taste is high — the more money you make, the higher your desire to acquire.

Henceforth, strive to embrace a saving culture. Please save and wisely invest your Joseph’s one-fifth. SHALOM!



Heinsight Counsellor


There is this ‘fast-lane’ rush in our society today to get rich, or die trying and the youths of this age and time are often found at the driver’s seat of this ‘fast car’.

Their urgency to get rich has gone overboard and their haste to succeed, ‘nook or crook’, is at an alarming rate.

Vices such as Cybercrime and Social scam have skyrocketed in recent years, to the extent they are gradually becoming acceptable practice once the individual doing this can ‘professionally package’ these Vices as Hustle.

Succeeding and getting rich, as popularly described these days, is now an event that can literally happen in a day: Hustled yesterday, ‘Blow’ today.

And this is the ill-mentality that drives teenagers and youth all out, looking for means to win a Jackpot while their conscience is seared.

Our society is gradually forgetting, getting rich is a process to be followed; and succeeding is a journey to embark on with patience. Or is it the Society the youth created for themselves that is forgetting? It’s hard to tell.

Yes I agree life is evolving; this however has not made an orange seed to skip it’s germination process to full maturity in one month. Neither has it made the chicken egg to fast track its incubation period to a day.

No matter how big an Elephant’s conception is, the mother Elephant can’t deliver her calf in a month — because for it to survive thereafter, it needs to undergo the due process of maturity.

In summary: Everything good and lasting requires time and due process to be birth and to stay alive.

Therefore, learn to exercise patience in every good endeavor you ventured in. Keep the end in sight while you patiently ‘water your seedling to germination; and nurture it to full maturity’.

Finally, in all these add this injunction of the Lord to all your endeavors:

“It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord”. [Lamentations 3:26 KJV];

Because it is what the Lord will do that shall be forever…[Ecclesiastes 3:14]



Deborah Olayiwola


When we hear of the word “Church”, what comes into our head is the building, inclusive of chairs, tables and all other adornments in our respective places of worship. Little did we have an understanding that each and every believer is a partaker of the Church while Christ Himself is the Head of the church. Reading through Ephesians 5, we would see how the relationship between a man and a woman as husband and wife is related to the one between Christ and the church.
According to this text, we were made to understand that Abba is the head of the church just as the man is the head of the wife and another interesting part is the love he bestowed upon the church by laying his life for all. Being the church, we are automatically the body of Christ while he is undoubtedly the head no wonder we are admonished in that Ephesians 5:22-24 that we as the church or the body of Christ be subject unto Christ i.e His will. I see no reason why we claim to be His body and still be involved in other atrocities just as the world have it.
Furthermore, we were made to see that just as no individual will hate his own flesh and body so also Christ loves us and as such this love should not be taken for granted and how can this be so? we should endeavor to read and follow the word of truth and life and that is automatically our bible, we should know the truth and make it set us free. Being the body of Christ undisputedly makes us to be exclusive to Christ Himself as we cannot even afford to be living our lives subject to the leading of flesh. The body of Christ is expected to be kept holy as Christ Himself who is the head of the body is Holy.
In a nutshell, the Church of God is the body of Christ and Christ Himself is the cornerstone of the Church and as such we should work towards presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice to the Lord as it is established that it is the temple of the Living God.
I pray as we make up our minds to live to the expectation of the holiness and right doing embedded in the body of Christ we will be graced to do so. Amen!





It may not happen so fast, Give it Time

It takes many nights to become an Overnight success, Give It Time
It takes many hands to build an Edifice, Give it Time
That vision will not become an overnight success, Give it Time
That baby will Gestate for 9 months and rightly so, Give it much needed Time

That idea must marinate and evolve and become, Give it time.
In a world of instant fame, instant noodles, instant success.
Your greatness might take time and rightly so, Give it time.
The crushing is never the end, Joseph would come to spend more time in the palace than He ever did in the prison, Give it time.
Pain, like every life season has expiration days, date and time, Give it Time.
Excellence takes time, Intimacy takes time, knowledge takes time, Mastery takes time, Give it time.

So what must Happen in time?
Prepare – Prepare for the future as He shows you.
Paint- Paint a Picture of the future as God shows you.
Stay consistent and true to the Call with which you’ve been called.

Practice focus, Practice gratitude and as importantly, stay in family.
Remembering, you are building as unto the Lord, He marks the script of our life. He determines great work and not “fast” Work, so this is in no case a cry for Laxity, mediocrity nor Laziness but a clamour for Patience.

Such that after you have done the Will of God, you may Obtain.

And this is my prayer for you today,
That you stay the journey, that you run the race and after you have waited in time, you may obtain – obtain the promise.

Yours In Waiting,



Heinsight Counsellor


Many a times I have prayed with my understanding and I prayed amiss [I don’t know if you have]. I have desired, claimed and confessed a lot of ‘goodies’ but I only received the ‘good’.

I have been humbled and it has helped me to know that prayer is meant to be in alignment with the will of the LORD for it to avail the best the Father has in stock for His children.

Having said, I therefore pray for you [Dear Beloved] and for myself in this month & always:

May it be the will of the Father that prevails over your will and desires

May it be the counsel of the Lord that stands over your plans and purposes.

May it be your love for God that drives your motive and actions

May it be your zeal for God that guards your dreams and thought

May it be the day you set to plow that the fiery storm will choose to bow.

May it be the hour you choose to sail that the Tempest will peace be still.

May it be your season of rejoicing that turn many to righteousness.

May it be said of you a servant and devout of the King of kings

May it be lifting up for you when men says there is casting down

May it be joy unspeakable for you when many sorrows pierce the heart of men

May it be peace like a river unto you and your family in your stormy sail across the sea of life

May it be the gentle breeze of God’s breath that comforts you all through your season of night

May it be daylight for you even in the darkest hours of silent nights

May it be in your highest moment for the Lord the Prince of this world will seek to find blemish in you

May it be your hours of God’s mercy that your enemy will table their allegations against you

May it be your day of honour your accusers will be heavy laden to be summoned

May it be the Lord’s Kingdom come for you over the world’s kingdom song

And may it be to unto you according to your faith in Jesus Christ name! AMEN.





I had taken a stab at writing songs, singing them and humming the tunes since I was 7 I would say. I would dream and dream and dream and dream.

I was free, I lived free, my dad told a lot of stories of powerful people and my knack for power must have grown from there. I loved the ability to influence a people, make them see in my own perspective or at least a perspective different than they already knew. The ability to positively sway people was always a welcomed thumbs up for me, but the child I knew as the loudest, most bubbly, free-spirited child in the pack had become the mute Owl, the last and certainly no where near the loudest voice in the room anymore.

I’ve known the sting of a bee, the bite of a termite but oh, the sting of rejection, it hurt deeper than a beehive, it drove me to silence and at other times to numbness. I had grown numb, I didn’t want to have to be silenced, after all a mute dog suffered no rebuke.

I became the most quiet of them all, yet I had views, oh I had views. I had an opinion as to any and everything, but the fear of rejection, it was louder than any view regardless of how wide, stellar, freeing or dramatic that was or those were. So I kept quiet, at other times I quit outings, more often than nought I wouldn’t even show up even if I wanted to, what if a “Rejecter” was lurking around the corner.

But all that would change when like Esau I eventually got tired of gagging myself and choking on my own views or so I thought.

What I really came to find was, God found me and gave me My Voice back – Renewed, Refreshed and with a solid Identity in place.
My voice had always being to His glory, for His glory and even though I had been a tongue talking, bible- speaking Christian, I guess I hadn’t opened up my life to all of the Freedom and Revealing Reality and Beauty that existed in using This Voice to the glory of my Maker, but not anymore.

I am God’s Mouth Piece and to the one who has being gagged up for so long, so Are you- God’s Mouthpiece, and your views matter.

Yours in Reconditioning,





For the longest time in my life I lived under Pressure
Pressure to “be, do and appear as”
Pressure to perform
Pressure to please, call it what it is People-pleasing
Pressure to appear a certain way
Pressure to be perfect”- perfectionism is not what you think

For the one looking to justify themself,
Rethink perfectionism – It’s an unhealthy cry for acceptance, tricking its victim to believe you’ll finally be enough or accepted based on what you do or don’t.
It’s the enemy’s attempt at the perversion of who we already are.

It’s a cry from the rejected soul fighting to “finally be accepted”. It’s at the backdrop of what drives women into unwholesome relationships, keeps men in less than the best jobs and keep a person barely keeping up in a toxic situation.

The 1st antidote I found?
A realization:
1- that you are already enough, in your seeming frailty, in our seeming less than perfect realities, in our daily nuances and subtleties – Enough
2- our beauty is enough, our existence is enough and it is this reality that drives us daily to say our affirmations
To journey on a mind reprogramming, till our subconscious finally agrees to a reality that had always been there but we were never brave enough to embrace.

So if you’re a recovering people pleaser or still on a journey out of approval addiction into the fullness of who God calls you, say this with me:

I am Enough
I am Worth
I am Joy
I am Love
I am Acceptance
My views matter and
I am important on the global scene

Yours in Re-conditioning,



Heinsight Counsellor


Sheila, why are you without hope? God is not finished with you. Martha, do not despair, your story is not concluded yet:

You haven’t even received the promises of God concerning you, and you haven’t testified to the wonders the Lord has purposed you for; so it can’t be over for you now.

Has friends and family forsaken or written you off? Please don’t lay their verdicts to heart: they did likewise to Job, and even to Christ the Saviour; it’s no surprise you are one of the numbers they are doing same to.

Has your business proposal and job application letters been severally rejected, don’t you worry, the once rejected ‘stone’ has once become the ‘Chief Corner stone. You are next in line for the miraculous.

Has the views and options you shared amidst family members, friends and the nobles in the society been severally disregarded? Consider it not and count it not against them; It is to enable you have a testimony that:
‘God has given you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries cannot resist neither gainsay’ [Luke 21:15].

Have you been a laughing stock due to your age long affliction(s)? Grieve not and count it not against them. They that mock shall soon know what the scripture means by:

‘Whereas thou hast been forsaken and hated, so that no man went through thee, I will make thee an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations’ [Isaiah 60:15 KJV]

My dear friend, perhaps you think [and know] your challenge/affliction is more grievous than the ones mentioned above, don’t you worry for you will soon know that ‘For with God nothing shall be impossible’ is still true till tomorrow.

Just put your trust only in God and hope only in His Words: for He will come quickly for you, He will not tarry.

Praise the Lord!



Heinsight Counsellor


Have you wondered why people stop seeing that same thing they keep seeing, and why they stop hearing that same instructions they keep hearing? [Well, this is true for a large percentage of people, maybe not everybody].

Have you also sought to know why, after some time, ‘status quo’, ‘same-old-same’ does not excite most people anymore?

The simple reason is because we all like and want something new. Although we’re often reluctant to embrace change, however we want something new [If it can be new but doesn’t change, that works perfectly well for some].

Yes it is true, new things get people excited! New house, new car, new friends, new places, new cloths, new inventions, new ideas [the list is endless]….

Even new thought/knowledge gets people charged-up. For instance: how does the manifestation or actualization of the below scripture make you feel —

“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. [19] Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert”[Isaiah 43:18-19 KJV] — I believe this gets you excited.

Now, hear the conclusion of the matter:

To how you market those goods you sell: Make it New!

To that business brand you currently manage: Make it new!

To that product you’re packaging: Make it New!

To that design or entrepreneurship idea you have: polish it and Make it New!

Finally and above all that could be mentioned, daily make new your Salvation walk; make new your zeal/passion for the works/things of God, and make new your hunger for the expansion of the gospel of Jesus Christ till His appearing.

And the Almighty God will make all things New in His time in your life in Jesus name. SHALOM



Ayopo Kudayisi


When will you work, O lazy man?
Will you wait till evening comes?
When men retire from their labour?
And the day’s wages are being paid?

When will you harvest O slothful soul?
Will you wait till the husks are fully brown?
Till the harvest is overripe?
Until the birds of the air find sweetness in the fruits?
When others would have profited from the sales of harvest?

When will you pray O man of God?
Will you wait for hills to become mountains?
Will you allow small rivers become mighty oceans?
Will you allow evil tares grow and mature?
Will you watch Satan become king in your affairs?

Shake yourself from the dust,
arise; Sit down, O Jerusalem!
Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion!
Strengthen the hands which hang down, and your feeble knees
make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated,





HOST: Good-day viewers out there, you’re welcome to your favourite T.V show “Teens Corner”, I remain your host Adenike Omoboriowo.
Today, we will be sharing a very sensitive topic titled “Things Parents Think Teens Don’t Know About”

As children grow, they begin to attain the stage of Adolescence where they do not only grow physically and emotionally but they also grow intellectually. At this stage, they inquire about a lot of things, they want to know what is what, and this is the point in their life where they need communication with their parents most. Unfortunately, many parents fail in this area, refusing to educate and answer questions from their curious teenagers. They feel they are still too young to know what is already known to them; but on the contrary, these teens know more than the parents do as the T.V, Magazines, internet and friends substitute for their role in educating them.
This morning, here with me are teenagers who are ready to say it all out. Without wasting time let’s begin with my first guest, Bode

BODE: I’m 17 yrs, I came from a family of four and I’m the eldest, my challenge is my parents. Things are getting worst day by day between them. They fight before going to bed and wake up to continue. It’s becoming too much and it’s tearing me apart. The worst part is that they never believe that I and my siblings are affected. At my age, they still believe I’m blind to all that it’s happening. People just come to my house and believe things are perfect because my dad is an Elder and my mum a Deaconess. I’m sick of their life of pretence.

HOST: How does it all happen?

BODE: Uhm! I don’t actually want to talk about that, but I will! It all got blown open when my Dad refused to give up on alcohol even after being made an Elder in church, he comes home drunk every weekend and when my Mummy raises up her voice, he would lock the door and starts beats her up, believing we won’t know but we do. She is presently threatening to pack out. I’ve been praying, God is telling me to be strong, but my ‘strong’ is broke.

HOST: That’s serious! Parents’ insensitivity to their children’s emotions. We’ll come back to you. Let’s hear from our second guest, Tade.

TADE: I don’t really know what to call my own class of challenge.

HOST: Go ahead and just explain.

TADE: Okay, my parents are quite wealthy and they’ve been able to meet all our needs. I do really thank God for that; but the issue is that their pursuit of wealth is affecting me… they don’t know me! They never create time to be with us not even on holidays, they only drop money for us to get whatever we want. I grew up at the mercy of our “maid-turned-mother”, who locks us up on the instruction of my parents, and now that I’m 18, I can’t relate well with people because I just can’t. The day I poured out my mind to my dad about finding time for us especially for my siblings because as for me, I am already used to it. You won’t just believe his reaction, he flared up and called me an ingrate, that all he’s doing is all for us, asking me if I want him to give up his job for us. I was disappointed, and since then, I gave up trying.

HOST: Thanks Tade, let’s hear you John.

JOHN: Mine is different but I believe all teens will relate with it. I don’t know if my parents know about pornography, but I do! They don’t all know of my struggle with pornography, but I do struggle with it! It’s all over me, in the T.V, Magazine and Internet. I don’t know how to break off it.

HOST: Have you ever discussed it with your parents?

JOHN: You want to kill me! Nobody in my family has ever taken cognizance of the fact that I’m growing, my parents never talked to me about such things. I have free access of exposure to watch whatever I deem fit. To worsen the matter, there is a shop close to my house where such pornographic magazines and videos are sold, my parents know about it but just believe I can never go there, but I do. On a day I mistakenly told my mum that I was going to get a C.D from the shop, she flared up, wanting to know why I would go there and sternly warned me never to go there. When I asked why, she gave no reply, just insisted that I should not go there. Isn’t that odd?

• I know your mum thought you’ve never been there before, but she was wrong. This is one of the problems of parent-child communication, parents treating teens like babies, asking them to stay away from things without giving relevant reasons.
• Let’s hear your view Bukky

BUKKY: Mine is quite interesting, although kind of similar to John’s. My parents always avoid the sex topic or maybe they are afraid of the unknown result. I do everything possible to get them open up to me and if my mum wants to guide me, all she says is that “Hen, Bukky, the things that married people do to have children, don’t do it o” and I’m always like “what should I not do” but she will just go blank. It isn’t that I don’t know what she’s talking about, infact who wouldn’t know in this age where sex display is everywhere even in cartoon movies meant for children. I just want to hear from them but if I keep asking, they will begin to take me for a promiscuous child.

HOST: That’s serious, how do you mean?

BUKKY: Here is an illustration, whenever we are watching movie together and any sexual display shows up, all they do is change the channel and when I ask why, they tell me it isn’t meant for me. For crying out loud, am 17 years, instead for them to discuss with me, they only try to hide what I already known. Infact, they believe I’m a Pope.

HOST: This is quite revealing! Seun, what do you have to say about this?

SEUN: Bukky is totally right, my experience also falls in the same class of challenge. My mum thinks I’m too young to talk to boys even at age 17+, she won’t allow me move with them, checking my phone every now and then, asking me to stay away from boys’ but she never for once sit me down to advice me as a mother. The irony of it all is that she still never got to know about the fact that I already have a boyfriend for almost 2yrs now. One day I asked her why she was treating me like a 7yrs old baby and she said “Don’t mix up with them unless you want to have a baby”. I almost bursted into wild laughter; for God’s, am an adult, talk to me as one; if you don’t, life experience will. Actually, I knew what she was talking about but she made the wrong approach, she was trying to prevent me from having sex which will lead to pregnancy but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t talk with them.

HOST: Uhm! Am speechless, viewers and parents out there, you’ve heard it all. More is still to come. Join me in our next edition for the concluding part of this series titled “Things Parents Think Teens Don’t Know About”. Till then, Parents don’t forget “If you don’t train them, don’t blame them”





Until you hear clearly from God on your matter of concern, the devil will keep using sorrow and depression to steal your strength.
So, how do you stay connected to the Joy of the Lord.

# Hearing from Heaven. Luke 24:6-8,

God visit His people principally by His word. Jesus was only able to endure the cross and ignore the shame because there was Joy of what lies ahead burning inside of him ( Heb 12:2).

Until you hear clearly from God on your matter of concern, the devil will keep using sorrow and depression to steal your strength.

Once you get direct revelation of God’s word, focus your hope on that word of God because it is the channel through which the Joy of the Lord flows into you and strengthens you.

# Abiding in Christ.
As you truly completely submit yourself to Christ, the Joy of the Lord comes naturally ( John 15:4-5). The Joy of the Lord is the gladness of heart that comes from knowing God and abiding in Christ. This gives you an assurance that you have an inheritance that can never perish or fade and no one can steal it from you. ( 1 Peter 1: 3-6)… ( To be continued)



Heinsight Counsellor


Oh my friend, why do you crave for love where it is not and why do you search for affection where it can not be found. Love is not resident there and affection is hidden from them; but don’t you worry, and waste no more time, Our Father Loves you.

You that is troubled, why do you seek peace where confusion and chaos is the order of the day; the world does not offer peace. Peace is from the Lord. But don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in need of mercy, who told you your mercy lies in the hands of your captor — he can’t give what he does not have; moreover he is also in need of mercy — for mercy is of the Lord. But don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in search of safety, when will you realise the arms of flesh will fail you and the assurance of men will betray you. Safety is of the Lord alone; but don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

You in need of healing, why do you waste time seeking ailment where it is not, haven’t you heard healing is the children’s bread. But worry no more, Our Father Loves you!

You that is stressed, why are you still heavy laden with your self labour? Don’t you know a day of God’s favour supercede a lifetime of any man’s labour; but don’t you worry, Our Father Loves you!

Oh my dear friend, if the Fowls of the air sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather there food in barns/storehouses; and if the Lilies of the field labour not for their clothing, yet Our Father in Heaven watches over them all; how much more will He settle you, you that He dearly Loves.

His Love for you will not allow you go empty, neither will it allow you be put to shame. Wait on Him and wait for Him: For our Father Loves you!





Nehemiah 8:10b

Money brings happiness and makes life run smoothly. Everything is not about money but money affect everything; Love is sweet and makes life enjoyable. Position is pleasurable and makes life looks as if it should not end.

Happiness comes from ” good happenings” that is when everything is going your way, when things are turning out as planned. When you have a lot of money, when you and your family are healthy and becoming more successful in what you are doing. (Luke 12: 16-20).

But what happens if things are not so good, when your family is financially stressed and tensioned, when struggling with unemployment or underemployment, when your marriage/home is under heat and fire or when loved one is down with sickness. When depression is setting into your life. Where do you get strength to keep holding on?

Friends, the Joy of the Lord is the basic antidote to the poison of depression. The Joy of the Lord is a deeper inner gladness regardless of circumstances going on around you. You may not have reasons to be laughing on the outside but the joy of the Lord gives an inner calmness that all is well. (John 16: 33; 20).

The Joy of the Lord is divine. God is the source of this Joy and He is the giver of this Joy. ( John 14:27). This Joy is supernatural and very available in the time of trials and depression.

So, how do you connect to this antidote to depression. The first channel of this Joy is…. ( to be continued)