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Ayopo Kudayisi

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Of what use is money that is telling how to be spent?
and of what use is clay that is dictating how to be moulded?
The father has got monies, but they don’t want to be spent
They want to stay on the shelf for beauty

Who are these ‘servants’ that don’t want to serve?
Who are these ‘workers’ that don’t want to work?
They are the ones we find at feasts
Eating food and drinking the king’s wine
Neglecting the master’s work all day

The master himself came here to be spent
“Sacrifices and offering you did not desire
… a body hast thou prepared for me
I have come to do thy will, O God”
‘To be spent… completely with no life left’

The father still has his search on
For monies ready to be spent
For clay ready to be moulded
And for labourers ready for the harvest



Heinsight Counsellor


Have Faith in God!
My friend have faith in God. All things are possible, if only you can have Faith in God.

For things we see were not made from things that do appear, but through the creative power of Faith by the Word of God. [Hebrews 11:3].

Friends whatsoever good your heart can conceive, Faith in the Word of God can complete.

“As far as your eyes can see, so will I give unto you and unto thy Seed”* is what the Lord said unto Abraham.

And He is saying the same to you today my friend, because what He says to one, He says to all.[John 17:20]. Halleluyah!

Please be informed that: Faith in what The Lord said, is the differentiator between those that received what He said and those that did not.

Therefore, My friend have faith in God. All things are possible, if only you will have Faith in God.

[Luke 1:37 KJV
For with God nothing shall be impossible].
*[Genesis 13:14-15, paraphrased]




Truly, I have seen many ‘bestsellers’, read a variety of motivational books, inspirational magazines and success captions, but none of these have truly sold best, motivates best, inspired most or aided success best like the scripture. All of the above have their source and references from the incorruptible seed. Though, written over 2000 years ago, it is still relevant till eternity, as all happenings today have already been said in it. Its messages are just as relevant to our days as it was to Methuselah.

This book might not be your typical bestseller, but more and more copies of it are sold than any other in the world. Written by 39 different authors over the course of 3000 years, it was completed over 2000 years ago and contains 66 different books.

The bible is filled with stories of good and bad characters. It displays people who succeeded despite all odds and those who failed despite being provided with all that is needed to succeed, individuals who followed God and those who turned the other way. It is a collection of imperfect people, people with fatal flaws, people you and I can relate to, people with whom God wasn’t finished yet.

The Word Above All
If Christ could put this word above His name, what then should be the ultimate in your life if not this word! If you want to rise above satan all through your life, then get acquainted with the word. You study the word to get approved to command proofs because approval is a pre-requisite to commanding proofs (2Tim.2:15).

Look at these:
– Faith cannot grow without the word (Rom.10:17)
– Prayer can bring you success, the word upholds it (Joshua 1:8)
– Prayer can bring you healing; the word establishes it (Ps.107:20)
– Prayer can break bondage, the word secures your liberty (Ps.107:20)
– Prophecy can be released, the word confirms it (Lk.4:21)
– Money can bring you happiness, the word gives unspeakable joy (Ps.119:11)
– Money can give fleeting pleasure, the word gives a lasting treasure (Mat 24:35)
– Situations can fail, the word never fails (it is flawless) Prov.30:5
In this end-time and Revival season, may the Lord give you an increasing and unquenchable hunger for His Word (AMEN)



Heinsight Counsellor


While resting one evening, just at the break of twilight, I stared out my window unto the street:
Alas! I saw Thomas being dragged away sheepishly into the corner of the Enticer — the strange woman.

Her corner was prepared with perfumes, aloes & cinnamon and her fragrance filled the evening air, leaving her victims drunk for sport.

Her table was set with mixed wine. And in her cistern was her red liquor, beckoning to every passerby to come drink to stupor.

Her ‘grapes are sour’, but she doth coat them with sweetener. She disguises herself as a single lady — unbethrothed to. However she is a woman bethrothed to many strangers.

Her eyes were laced with deceit & naughtiness — never to be taken for innocence — and her path is the quickest way to an end.

Her lips were painted with red ‘molten magma’ — dripping to scorch her prey. And every night she does prepare her ‘snare’ for her twilight catch.

The Stiff-necks and the Naives were often seen hastening unto her — even as an Ox hasten to the slaughter — and they were never seen to return from her chamber.

And on this fateful evening, Thomas was her next catch…

I called into the street unto Thomas but her enticement was a stronghold on him, and her smile was a gallow around his neck…
Who will deliver Thomas from her snare and the son of men from her flattery; and who will help remove the scale of her spell off their eyes? Oh Lord have mercy!
Dear beloved, now hear thou the Instructions of the Lord and remove thy way far from a strange woman(man). Come not near the door of her(his) house:
Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel: Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labours be in the house of a stranger….

My dear friend, think of it, the adrenaline rush you have at the sight of that strange woman(man) will abruptly leave you empty in few minutes [not even an hour]. Is this what you want to trade your eternal bliss for?

Are you aware the stranger’s route is the quickest way to get your candle light blown out. Don’t go that way: for many that once did never returned!

[Please read the full injunctions of the Lord in Proverbs 5:1-23 & Proverbs 7:1-27 to save you from the snare of a strange Man/Woman] SHALOM.



Heinsight Counsellor


Life is not a competition; calm down my friend!

Perhaps you’re looking at a friend on the fast lane of prosperity. Relax, pay your own dues, stay focus and continue on your ‘diligent’ pace. At the end, you will prosper bountifully, if you faint not — it is just a matter of time.

God has given everyman according to his or her ability. What you do with what you’re given, determines your prosperity. [Matthew 25:15-29]

Your colleagues/friends won’t finish the riches on the earth. Moreover, there is no ‘first-position’ in the prosperity race because the profit of the earth is for all: the king himself is served by the field.[Ecclesiastes 5:9 KJV]

Please be aware that your friends’ life examinations are different from yours. Don’t answer yours using their exact solutions.

And their life journey is different from yours, use your own life map so you don’t hit an abrupt road block.

That route that you’re flying at the moment may be rough & full of turbulence; maybe it wasn’t designed for flight, but to be walked. Have you asked yourself?

It may appear the route to your destination is far, and it is taking too long to arrive there; perhaps your Creator had booked your flight for your early arrival, but you have chosen to walk with friends going similar route. Hmmm…

Be it as it may, Beloved, always remember you are to diligently focus on running your own race, at your own pace, because at the end the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. [Ecclesiastes 9:11].

Please take life easy, enjoy every daily bit of it, let God be foremost in all your endeavors and you will finish strong.



Heinsight Counsellor


Just the other day, at past midnight, I got thinking on how a ‘purpose’ will be achieved. And I slipped into wondering God’s ways and how He brings His purpose to pass:

Hmmm…they are mysterious and pass finding out!

We search too far for what is not lost. Often with the thought: ‘no, it can’t be this’. What if God is saying to you, My beloved ‘IT IS’.

We look too hard for what is staring us in the face. Often with the thought: ‘no, it can’t be this easy’. What if God is saying to you, My friend ‘IT IS’.

We think, and see too less of what and where we currently are. Often with the thought: ‘no, this is not what I envisioned’. What if God is saying to you, My Child ‘though thy beginning be small, thy later end shall greatly increase’ [Job 8:7].

Who would have thought a walk-path could be created across the sea bed if this never happened, and was not recorded in the Bible for our reference. It beats any man’s thought.

Or who would have imagine The King of Glory will condescend to be born in a manger, and to die a shameful death, for the reconciliation of man to his Creator. It’s beyond physical & metaphysical’s imagination.

And there is yet another thought-dimension to the grandeur of God’s loving-way towards us:

If He has chosen another means to achieve man’s salvation purpose, without the dead of His beloved Son, who will question Him or who would have known He had ‘bend the rule’? No not one! Yet He chose to give His Best.

Please be reminded: God has million ways of achieving His purpose. He said unto those that thought Abraham’s generational continuity lies in their hands, that He can use stone to raise up Children for Abraham [Luke 3:8].

And something astounding and worthy of note on how God works in achieving His purposes in us and through us is: OUR COOPERATION [Amos 3:3].

He is Sovereign, yet He gives room for our partnership with Him towards achieving His purpose in us and through us.

He can choose a way and later abandon that way if it does not cooperate with His plan — this, most of the times, has been the short-falls of many children of God. [The Bible has numerous examples of these].

We often have a self-designed feature of how we think or want God to perform His purposes in our lives, and we end up leaving no room for Him to move in His mysterious ways on our behalf.

[This is, sometimes, the reason for delay in the manifestation of His purposes and promises for us]

Please hear this:
Nothing is incompatible, if God raises it for His purpose

Nothing is dead, if God chooses it for His purpose

Nothing is lost, if God hid it for His purpose

And there is nothing too little, if God made it so: For all that He made was good [Genesis 1:31]

We only need to cooperate and rest in the unfailing Plan and Arms of the Sovereign God.

He is waiting on your cooperation friend. Therefore fear not, fret not, you only need to allow Him have His way!



Ikeoluwapo Olanorin


In every race, all the athletes have reason(s) for competing, some for the gold medal, some to show off their skills and some to prove one or two points to their audience(could be family, friend or fans).

This scenario can be likened to the Christian journey on earth. Some are Christian because they have Christian parents, some because they have no other religion to associate with, some want to just belong to a church; so I ask why are you called a Christian?

What is your reason for confessing Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Are you chasing after God (to know more about Him and be more like Him) or chasing after His gift (blessing, miracles and wonders).

When the “bad” times are more than the good times, will you still call Him your Lord just like Job did?(Job 13:15).

When His words rebuke you and He chastise you, will you still call Him the Loving Father?

Friends, are you boldly persuaded that nothing (death, life, angels, principalities, seemly unanswered prayers) can separate you from the Love of God?

Beloved, desiring God’s gifts(Physical blessings) is good but seeking(chasing) after God and His righteousness should be our utmost desire. (Psalm 42:1, Psalm 27: 4, Matthew 6:33).

In this perverse generation with worldly pleasures abounding, chasing after God and not just after His gifts could be ‘difficult’, however I want to encourage you to keep looking unto JESUS the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross….Heb 12:2.

Our comforter, the Holy Spirit is always ever ready to help us when it seems we are falling, call for His help and strength today, for He says; His strength will be made perfect in our weakness (2Cor 12: 9)




Heinsight Counsellor


Are you still a teenager? Good for you: as your strength and vigor still drives your desires.

Are you in your twenties? Rejoice and merry while it tarries, for your season of flamboyance has come but hastens away. Again I say rejoice!

Are you in your thirties? Be glad, for your year of life-redefining, destiny-remolding decisions has come to stay.

Please hear these two assertions, and let your heart continually remember these three:

Your thirties are the season of your life when you have another chance to erase & rewrite your life stories — those you wrote in error during the days of your exuberance and flamboyance.

Your thirties mark your seasons of profound life-defining decisions — those you probably did not take during your season of flamboyance. It’s your decision season ‘when thou shall say, I have no pleasure in them’ (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

To some it is the begining of a new era towards fulfilling purpose, to another it is a season of rebirth towards achieving purpose, and to some others it is a season of realization of lives’ purpose.

Whichever of these it is my friend, if you’re in your thirties, it is yours to discover. There is no escaping it; you fall into one of these subsets.

Therefore, the question to you is:
Have you set sail on the voyage to fulfilling purpose?

Have you got onboard the train conveying purpose-driven visionaries to their destination of unending impact?

Now is the the time my friend!
Your thirties are your threshold season for exploit. Please don’t squander it chasing shadows.



Ayopo Kudayisi


The father has built himself a mighty edifice,
A glorious house, of beauty of colour and of splendour

We cannot describe
O man of God,
The glory of the rubies, the beauty of the sapphire
The grandeur of the goldstones, the silverstones
and all other stones
that make up the house

But I heard too…
We have wood, claystones and chaff in this mixture
Where are these my lord?

Don’t you know?
The clay, and wood and all that is ugly
are reserved for the toilet
For the wastebin and refuse house
where there is neither glory nor beauty
Where no one likes to behold

Have I not said, O man of God?
Flee these things
Flee unrighteousness, flee iniquity, flee unfaithfulness
Make yourself pure
Make your vessel, of gold or of silver
So your life will form a part of kingdom beauty.

2 thi 2:20-21



Heinsight Counsellor


Beloved please take this as a call to self examination, just as the scripture instruct us to do often to be sure we still in faith… [ 2Corinthians 13:5]

I am sure we do ‘know’ who a Christian is. However, we have made Christianity a religion and not a life style. Remember the word Christian was coined from: ‘Christ-like’.

But we have stereotyped all that attend Church services often or once a while as Christians. We have chosen to believe we are Christians once we identify and associates with a Church body.

We have accepted to be called Christians as a Title, and we have refused the onus that makes Christianity our entitlement: as exemplified to us by Christ.

We love the ‘egg yolk’ but detest cracking the egg. We forgot it is in cracking the egg we can get the yolk.

Many have opted to add Christianity to their profile, in order to win business contracts and favouritism from Christian Radicals.

Some even use Christianity as a title(I am a Christian brother… I am a Christian sister) to coy gullible ‘single & searching’ youths into marriage; because they know where the sugar pours there will the ants gather.

These and many more are very rampant in our ‘market places’ of life today. And our Christianity is now a two-face coin — a Christian in religion, but anti-Christian in character and life style.

How then can we get it right ? How then can this be checked?

This is simply by understanding Christianity is not a religious entitlement rather it is a culture — Jesus Culture.

It is a life style — the life style of Christ

It is a character — the character of the Son of God.

It is not MANY WAYS of living that pleases our respective situations. Rather, it is A WAY of living that answers the question — how would Jesus live if He was in your situation?

Don’t be deceived, any one that doesn’t strive to align his(her) character to that of Christ is not qualify to be called a Christian. By their fruit, ye shall know them…[Matthew 7:16-20].

Practical life style of Christ is what qualifies you and I to be called Christians.

Please hear this truth: what God forbid you from doing is an indication of what He will not do. And what He commands you to do, is a reflection of what He had done and will still do. Christ is a practical testament to this!

Therefore check it, if your character echoes scriptural injunctions or ‘religious demands’.
I pray we will not make a shipwreck of our faith in Jesus name. God bless you. SHALOM!



Heinsight Counsellor


Jide’s aspirations suffers; and Titi’s destiny has been hijacked because they rarely call themself to a meeting — a self-intentional separation to reason.

Jide’s hustle to make ends meet has etched deep into his family time, and Titi’s quiet time has not been spared by this same ‘virus’.

Just as the Sun rises in the East and hurries back to where it started from, so is Jide & Titi’s rising in the morning to the dictates of their work-life schedule.

Before Jide is fully awake in the morning, his subconscious is often hijacked by the task for the day [the same task he carried over from the previous day], and he ends up answering only to the dictates of these tasks.

Titi on the other hand is completely engrossed with exceeding her Associates’ expectation in order to fast track her Career Elevation. She sleeps very late and struggles to get out of bed early in the morning, let alone to observe her quiet time.

How then can Jide & Titi be separated to reason the weightier matters of life if their mind is always booked before the day began….

And so they stray far from their life purpose, just as the east is far from the west.
Beloved, I hope you’re not thinking Jide & Titi are the only victims of this work-life marathon. There are a lot other ‘Jide & Titi’ in Cubicles and Glass walls, locked up in the ‘Corporate world’.

They are prim & proper, smart & clever, but bought over for a ‘morsel of meat’: As Jacob supplanted Esau, they as well have been subtlely supplanted by their ‘Corporate Jacob’. [If you know you know].

My friend, perhaps it’s time you took a break to reason, and to ask yourself:

“Whose business am I about: My Father’s or someone else’s?

And in whose hands have I committed the wheel of my life-vehicle: My Father in Heaven or some men I know not?”
And Jesus said unto them:
How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? [Luke 2:49 KJV]



Ayopo Kudayisi


The story of the converts…Answers to the prayer of the evangelist
We have heard their words they mean nothing to us,
They sing at times they’re just melody to us
They preach at times they’re just stories to us
What are they going to say this time?

We will yet go as before
In our beautiful dresses, we would find our seats in front
I will ensure my steps are graced with glamour
but this time, it shall be my last
Before I make my pact with the world
but That day our tears accompanied our crying
We were pleading, sobbing, and praying… in genuine repentance
Those same words were like fire in our hearts
Piercing into the innermost of our being

Suddenly the saviour appeared
Brighter than the sun… with love in His eyes
He walked about comforting the repentant

But who will forgive our terrible sins?
Our lies, our immoralities our jealousies?
These are too much to be overlooked!

Then He showed us the hill…
flowing with precious blood unstained.
The blood is able…
The blood is able…
The blood is able…
To purify even the conscience stained with the dirt.

Heb 9:13-14





The Word of God Cannot Fail – Hebrews 11:6

Hebrews 11:6 shows us the principle and you must believe it, so you don’t get discouraged when you start. You don’t do it once, twice or ten times and stop; you just settle there and say, “I will work this principle. I will live by it. It always works.” That is true about the Word of God and your faith in the Word.

I always say boldly that faith works. Faith in God works. The word of God does not fail and it can never prove false. That is why the Bible says the scriptures cannot be broken.

You have to understand all the attending conditions because by the time you fulfil all the conditions, it works for you.

For Him to fail means that you will be the only person that will die in faith and tell God that His Word failed.

Even the angels will be afraid of you because you will be the only person that is coming with a successful accusation against God. You will be the only one that worked the word of God and it didn’t work.

If it is true that you fulfilled all the principles and conditions, then God will have to leave the throne, and say, “Since my own Word is not good again, it is your own word that I will now follow”. Is that possible? No!

So if there is any failure, if you have been working it and it is not working, it is either you are telling God, “Leave the throne tomorrow” or you will agree and say, “God I am missing it somewhere; I don’t know all, show me where I am missing it

Silhouette of Unrecognizable Man Praying Outside


Ayopo Kudayisi


Prayer of an evangelist
Oh Lord, give us your word…
A word for those in rebellion
the ones who have heard, but will not follow
they pass through your house but don’t love the household
They speak the language but don’t have the life
Oh lord give us their word…

They’ve heard our words and they know the lines
They scorn sometimes, and never realise,
They even complete some of our verses
the psalms, the proverbs… just poems to them

Oh lord give us their word.
Except we speak your words, except we show your power, except we reveal your person…
They will laugh at our preaching

Anoint us oh lord… touch our lips, let your fire ignite their heart
So they won’t be destroyed…like he that has stiffened his neck.

– 1cor2:4



Heinsight Counsellor


Beloved, many have walked into snare going the way of the band wagon; And many have missed their train of destiny because they saw no one boarding when it came by…. Again I say when it came by!

Many you will see running with popular opinions because they are intimidated by the saying ‘majority carries the vote’. And many are too timid to stand for what they believe in because they are scared they will be mocked or laughed to scorn:

“I don’t want to challenge the status quo, and I don’t want to be the only one going this road ” is the reason ‘school of fishes’ get caught in a Fishman’s set net.

It’s no wonder the scripture says in Matthew 7:13NIV: “..for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Hmmmm…

Beloved, If Noah were to follow popular opinion he would not have built the ark that would save him and his entire household from the flood to come. He was undeterred even though he was laughed to scorn. [Remember it had never rained on the earth before, how then can he be talking of flood].

If Peter were to listen to popular opinion, he would not called Jesus: ‘Christ the Son of the Living God’. [Matthew 16:13-17]…There are many more examples of courageous men of faith one can emulate courage from in the Bible, please learn from them.

It takes courage to stand out from the crowd especially when you stand for the truth: Yes it does! Perhaps this was the courage Ephraim lacks that he became mixed as cake not turned [Hosea7:8].

Don’t get mixed with the mixed multitude. Come out from them!

Beware of popular opinions and those popular wisdoms you have learnt over time. Do well to unlearn them. Don’t get swayed by the regular chant: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’

You don’t need to beat them, you are not in a competition with them. You only need to show them your courage, your resolve to what you believe in and what you stand for: the truth undiluted!

Finally beloved, check it and you will be surprised that popular opinions are deceptive tools, often used by Destiny killers. They are shallow works of human logic that holds no ground. Please don’t base your decisions on them.

But fear not! Let your Faith come alive and be of good Courage.