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The Holy Spirit does not only empower for spiritual manifestation of the power of God; He does that and much more. He is not only visible in speaking in tongues, working of the miraculous, healing, teaching or prayer etc. He covers much more.

Bezalel was the first man reported in the Bible to be filled with the Spirit of God. The result in his case was not any of the above, but craftsmanship – outstanding innovative workmanship (Ex 31:3-5)

The same applies to Joshua, he was filled with the Spirit of God (Deut 34:9) resulting in becoming a great military leader. In Judges 6:34, the spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon and made him a courageous leader. None of these men heal the sick or perform any “manifesting miracle”, however the infilling of the Holy Spirit empowered them to carry out their purpose and assignment in an enviable and excellent way.

God is bringing a fresh perspective in our knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit in these last days. This will be in fulfillment of His promise in Joel 2:28, something more than we saw in Acts 2; an end-time outpouring of spirit for innovative and creative manifestations of the sons of God. Some will experience the power of the holy spirit in their display of Daniel-like governance/politicking; we would see the Joseph-like economist; we would see the emergence of Solomon-like wisdom; Jacob kind of wisdom in agriculture and productivity, new records will be set in sport; men will break new grounds, all accomplished by the power of the Holy spirit. The outpouring is here already, don’t miss out!





Though strangers to the promise of Messiah they were, the wise men saw no miracles to convince them; they heard no teaching to persuade them; they beheld no signs of divinity and greatness to overawe them. They saw nothing but a new born infant, helpless and weak,and needing a mother’s care like anyone of us. And yet when they saw the infant, they believed that they saw the divine saviour of the world; they bowed down and worshipped him. Indeed, blessed are those that can believe in this fashion. As we celebrate his birth,may we receive Grace to welcome the lowly born Saviour into the throne of our hearts where he truly belongs. MERRY CHRISTMAS





My greatest regret in life up till now is marrying the woman I married. I feel fulfilled travelling to more than seven countries working on different oil vessels and still a part time pastor all the way but I wish I never married the mother of my four children, this was the conclusion of Pastor Martins. Funny enough after speaking with Mrs Martins, I was very sure she is born again and a good woman, her conclusion was I wish I followed all the counsel then,even my both parents were absent at our wedding because they were not in support of I marrying Martins. I’m regretting marrying him now. Well this is my own conclusion:I wish they both DOUBLE CHECKED.

It is the assurance from your double checking that keeps you standing firm when things are not going as expected. There is this assurance within that even though there are challenges at the moment but I’m at the centre of God’s plan for my life and you keep moving on.

Discernment of spirits is a valuable spiritual ability that makes you avoid destiny marring steps. Discernment of spirits simply means identifying the controlling force behind an action ( Act 16:16-18). This ability makes you sense futile visions, friendly enemies and unsafe adventure that you don’t need to embark on. So, DOUBLE CHECK.

Most problem many persons are going through are self inflicted ( Isaiah 5:13). Without this HolyGhost given ability, it will be difficult for you to distinguish between what is good for ONLY NOW and the perfect will of God that will ALWAYS GET BETTER. So, double check.

Discernment of spirits is birthed out of intimacy with the Omniscience God, when you spend enough time in prayers and studying God’s word, worshiping Him in Spirit and truth. The more you kill your flesh the more your spirit man tune to heavenly frequency. So, DOUBLE CHECK why things are not working and decide to take the right turn today.





Not everything that appears good now, is the perfect will of God for you. A man may appear nice to you now as a single sister yet he is not God’s perfect will for you to marry. ( Romans 12: 2). A job may promise to be paying you more now but it may not be where God plan to make you rich without sorrow. Also, relocating to a booming and foreign city might appear promising now but that might not be God’s divine location for your maximum manifestation. DOUBLE CHECK

From scriptural understanding, the art of double checking spiritually is done by discernment of spirits. ( 1 John 4:1). The easiest way for a man to destroy his glorious destiny is to be under the influence of the spirit of error ( 1 John 4:6).

Discernment of spirits is the ability given by the Holy Ghost to faithful followers of Jesus Christ in serving God to avoid costly mistakes and errors. It is the spiritual ability to distinguish between spirits, whether they are of God or of the devil. ( 1Jonn 4:1). Ability to see into the spirit world and know the origin of a spirit prompting, whether it is divine, human or demonic

There is the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.( 1 John 4:6).And it takes discernment of spirits to overcome this destiny destroying force called spirit of error. The kingdom of darkness has what is known as deceiving spirits that manipulate man into taking destiny diverting decisions ( 1 Tim 4:1). Therefore, the gift of discernment of spirits is a must have for every child of God.

Hence, I charge you to double check spiritually before taking that destiny decision. DOUBLE CHECK when you have left your first love for Christ ( Revelation 2:4) and you are at the junction of taking destiny decisions. DOUBLE CHECK SPIRITUALLY BEFORE YOU DECIDE.






1 TIMOTHY 4:12, MATTHEW 20:26

In every situation, it is the man who knows what to do that will end up leading everyone else. It is possible to be an assistant at your place of work and be the one who is leading, such that even your boss at work comes to gain from your spiritual insight and wisdom.

No matter what your position in the church or at your place of work is, God has called you to a degree of leadership capacity somewhere and sometime.

In addition, God has great plans for your future, plans that include you leading many people, but you will never be able to sustain that place of leadership if you don’t prepare for it.

You must remember that there is a difference between those who lead and those who are in leadership.Those who are in leadership have the title but may not necessarily be the ones leading everyone, but those who lead are those who have taken their development process seriously.

Thus, they now have the capacity, spiritual wisdom, spiritual depth, and sensitivity to lead others. So, how do you prepare yourself for kingdom leadership? The answer is simple and straightforward – take your church membership seriously.
Don’t shy away from any assignment given to you by your pastor, instead, embrace it wholeheartedly. This is how true and lasting leaders are made.



Heinsight Counsellor


Beatrice, don’t go with them, their destruction is near. Raphael, come out from among them, the Lord’s wrath is soon to fall on them: for they have defile the Lord’s tabernacle with their nakedness and they have stained His Holy ground with shedding innocent blood.

Their tongue burns hotter than a furnace: who can quench? Their heart runs deep with wickedness: who can seal it? They have cursed the law with their tongue and with their heart, they have sent the simple to early grave; cease from their company.

Desist from their counsel, their instructions are dart shot to the heart. Resist their enticement, it has wrecked the destiny of Kings and Princes. As the sepulchre never says enough, so their mischief never cease and as the morning announces the day, so their counsel announces their end.

Stay away from their gathering, they that blaspheme the Son of God and walk not with them, they that mock His anointed: for they will soon be cut down as grass and soon blown out as candle in the wind.

For they soiled the name of the Lord in their circus and because their conscience is seared, they won’t repent and because their eyes are dimmed, they won’t want to see. They pervert the law of the Lord and they suffer little children to walk in error with their technology and their media pervasion:

As unbearable the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall be their reward and the recompense of those that tolerate their mischief; please don’t be numbered with them.

Pitch not your tent with them, their site is polluted, and tend not your flocks on their field, there are serpents hidden under their green grass. Their foxes will spoil your vine, and their little foxes your tender grapes. Even their grapes are sore and sour; don’t eat from them

They have made Mammoth their god and Belial their teacher. They have chosen for themselves prophets that prophesy ‘their desire for sin’ and for fame, they ‘court’ nudity and for self gain they trade with false-scale.

Suddenly shall be their end and quickly shall the memories of their Prophet be forgotten. The Lord shall not forget to reward their evil; even as hand join to hand so shall their punishment be joined to them.

Please come out from among them for they will destroy you; but if you return not to their ways, the Lord will show you mercy and if you will forsake their culture the Lord will deliver you from the wrath.

The Lord has not condemned you and He is still not condemning you yet, come back to Him for cleansing; He is waiting on you my friend!

Micah 2:10 KJV
Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.



Heinsight Counsellor


Jethro, who gave you half measure, saying that is your entitlement. Don’t settle for it my Friend; you are better than that. There is more stored-away from you that is awaiting your reach.

Daisy, who placed you there, saying that is how far you can go. Don’t listen to such lie dear; you can go farther than that. There is space for you ‘upstairs’ if only you are interested.

Naboth, who gave you that certificate, saying your value is what it says. Don’t be fooled by the book; you are more than the titles in a certificate. There is more value to you in your God given purpose that is awaiting your discovery.

Barbara, who told you you don’t meet up to ‘spec’. Please don’t consider meeting up to their ‘spec’; you are better than that. It has been hidden from them what God has purposed for those that love Him. You just need to love God with the whole of your heart.

Dora, whose reports are you holding on to. Men’s report often fail the test of time, hence fall to the ground; don’t you put your trust in it. There is one report that has never failed and can never fall to the ground; it’s the testimony of the Son of God. Let this be your companion.

Ajao, who says you are not any different from your ancestors. Don’t be perturbed; It’s one of the devil’s trick card to get you trapped; don’t let him. You have been numbered among those who are a new creature in Christ Jesus. Abide still in Christ Jesus.

Sheila, who is it that brings you messages of rejection. Don’t permit your emotions to be tortured; close your ears to such messages and abstain from such person. Remember: The once rejected Stone has now become the Chief Corner Stone and you are joint-heir with Him.

Lloyd, who in this world is asking you to run for your dear life. Fear not what mortal men can do to your flesh. There is a greater One that lives in you that can destroy both the flesh and the soul. It is Him only you should fear.

Shadrack, who is that person enforcing ‘slavery’ on you and calling it ‘service’. To slave is not to serve: It is an error and the devil’s gimmick to hinder you from kingship. You are made to serve in kingship, not in slavery. Don’t get trapped

Finally my friend, you are made for more than man can call or apportion you. Don’t for any reason settle for man’s ‘apportioned Palace’, because God’s ‘apportioned courtyard’ is far better: for God has created you better than that!

Psalm 118:8-9 KJV:
“It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. [9] It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.”



Heinsight Counsellor


Have you found yourself many at times wondering: Is God involve in this I am doing? Do I have God’s backing in this pursuit I embarked on? And have you been left uncertain and confused, especially when how you thought the matter will be is not how it seems to be unfolding?

You are not alone my friend and you won’t be the first to find yourself pondering this thoughts. All you need in order to build the courage and conviction needed to forge ahead towards achieving your dreams is simply laying hold on evidence that God is involved.

Please take note of this truth and make it your first point of reference when proving God’s involvement in your pursuit:

‘Whatsoever God has not commanded us to do, He will never be involve doing; and whatsoever He has commanded us to do, you can be sure He will ‘Cheer-lead’ anyone doing such.’

More so, for matters [pursuit, dreams, visions, etc.] not spelt out verbatim in Scriptures, one simple proof that God is involved in such course(s) is simply the MANIFESTATION OF THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT in that course; this manifestation can either be seen in ACTION, felt DEEP WITHIN or evident through BOTH FEELING AND ACTION.

Hmmm…so my dear friend, that deep feeling of JOY and PEACE you experience for that action of LOVE, FORBEARANCE, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, MEEKNESS, FAITH and MODERATION you show in that pursuit, is an evidence that God is involved in it!

And for any matter that is void of these things, you can be certain God is not involved in it: for God will not support what He has not summoned. SHALOM.

(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) [10] Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. Ephesians 5:9-10 KJV



Heinsight Counsellor


Just like yesterday she was conceived by the Zeal of the Lord.

Never thought her delivery will be immediate: but the Zeal of the Lord performed it.

Never thought her light will brighten the Earth. But the Zeal of the Lord lit her candle.

Never thought great dreams will be birthed by her: but the Zeal of the Lord painted her dream canvas

Now she is two years today and the Zeal of the Lord is still performing what He has started in her, unto the day of her full manifestation — that day when many shall say, Come ye, and let us go up to HEINSIGHT, to the house of the LORD MOST HIGH; and He will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in His paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from HEINSIGHT — for the Zeal of the LORD will perform it.

Celebrate JESUS-IN-SIGHT with us today: for HEINSIGHT IS TWO!

Hallelujah! the Lord God Omnipotent reigns…

Please share with us your Testimonies if Heinsight has ministered to you in any way.

Visit: to share.

Jesus Christ is LORD!



Heinsight Counsellor


You are not alone my friend. It’s funny how we all wish ‘one formula solves all problems’ in sciences; how we wish ‘one appliance does all functions’ in our household chores, and how we desire ‘one drug cures all ailments’ in medicine.

Unfortunately, life as we inherited it from Adam doesn’t answer to our wish. Rather it answers only to ‘our labor’: Garbage in garbage out they say.

There is no one way solution to all life’s problems or challenges. Every life challenge has its unique approach specific to it alone.

Although some approaches may be similar, but they are never completely identical.

If matters we don’t deem a problem demands it’s unique pattern/approach in handling, how much more those life’s challenges we considered a problem

For instance: You can’t say because you boarded a Luxury bus while standing upright, you will as well get in your car the same way since they are both engine-driven and run on four tires.

In the similar fashion, it will be foolery to think you can insert a square peg in a round hole. Even if you succeeded in breaching your way through, it’s just a matter of time before the ‘domino you built’ comes crashing down.

Likewise in Christendom where we know and believe Jesus Christ is the answer to all life problems — Yes Jesus is the answer! — there are still specific instructions given by Jesus Christ in handling different life problems even when these instructions take their root from Him.

The Lord Himself applied unique approach to solve people’s different problems during His time here on earth as example to us:
He PREACHED the gospel to the poor… He HEALED the broken hearted… he MINISTERED deliverance to the captives and RECOVERY of sight to the blind… [Luke 4:18-21].

If the LORD over all things didn’t applied a ‘one tablet solves it all’ approach to man’s troubles, why then do men imagine such vanity.

Therefore, please stop finding quick fix or ‘one formula solves it all’ tablet to your problems. If you have been given one, or you are using one, you might just be complicating matters.
The right approach and the right tablet, awaits you to ask the right question to the right Solution Provider.

Now hear the Lord’s charge to us all as concerning this matter: “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”. Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

What then are you waiting for. The Lord wants to hear your call today. Call for the specific help you need, till your joy be full. God bless you.



Heinsight Counsellor


Why are you striving these days?
Why are you trying to earn grace?
Why are you crying, let God lift up your face, don’t turn away

Why are you looking for love?
Why are you still searching as if God is not enough
To where will you go Child, tell me where will you run?

Why are you hungry, for that which is not ‘bread’? Why do you still labour, for that which satisfies not? And have you not been told that the Word of God is the Bread of Life that satisfies?

Why are you struggling with sin?
Why are you still wrestling, more than you should?
Why won’t you let Him, let God come into your heart? Don’t harden your heart.

Why are you roaming in dark alley?
Why are you still lost, because of your self-will?
Why won’t you let God? Let God find you today; you are never too far gone

Why are you thirsty, for that which does not quench thirst?
Why are you still drinking from the world’s cistern?
Come drink and taste the Living Water and you will thirst no more!

Why are you there, where Jesus is not?
Why are you still in it, what He already told you to abandon?
When will you hearken to His commandments and when will you surrender only to His Lordship?

Why are you making a mess of everything?
When Jesus can give you rest in everything
When will you let Him? Cos only Him sees the best in you

Why are you waiting to hear Him speak?
When will you know He speaks ‘without sound’?
Why are you feeling unloved?
When will you know His love is so ‘loud’ [calling unto you to come]?

Why do you think your sin is beyond forgiveness?
When will you know His mercy is great and endless [not wanting any soul to perish]?

So why won’t you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior my friend? Even as He knocks on the door of your heart today, don’t shut your heart from Him. SHALOM



Heinsight Counsellor


Be not deceived my friend, Christianity does not place a limit on how great you can be. It does not encourage you to be or remain a mediocre, neither does it sponsor ‘near-excellence’.

It does not indulge the lazy-in-heart and it is not a ‘shelter’ for a lazy man. It is not a ‘wrapper’ for the sluggard to have a little more sleep, or a little more folding of the arms for the indolent.

Christianity is a call to ‘whatsoever thy hands findeth to do, do it with thy might’. [Ecclesiastes 9:10].

Christianity is a culture of excellence. It is a home for the diligent to find their full expression towards achieving purpose. It is a school for the open-hearted to be taught and groomed to make generational impact.

Christianity is the hub for the best minds the world is yet to see. It is the breeding ground for innovation and wonders too big for the heart of men to comprehend.

True Christianity is a season that never knows a better yesterday. It is a time of life that makes her devout shine unto the perfect day. It is an era of new beginnings — an end to the ‘old dragon’s’ oppression.

True Christianity is the fabric the world needs to knit her sanctity. It is the solution platform for human’s aged sanction. It is the river of righteousness that carries us to the Father of Righteousness.

True Christianity is a culture — the Jesus Culture: the culture of the Son of God; the Best
Gift of God in all things and to all things.

Therefore my dear Christian friend, in whatsoever labour or field of life you are venturing, please strive for excellence: for this is the heritage of a Child of God — the true Christian that you are.

The world is awaiting your glorious manifestation.



Iwayemi Olanorin


I am an offering, daily spent for my God
I am a sacrifice, daily burnt on His Altar
I am a vessel, daily used for His Glory
I am whatsoever, He daily calls me to be

Oh Lord, You alone I adore
My God, to You alone I belong
My Father, unto You alone I succumb

I am the salt, providing savor to my world
I am the light, illuminating the light of God
I am a son, joint-heir with the Son of God
I am whatsoever, He daily calls me to be

Oh Lord, You alone I adore
My God, to You alone I belong
My Father, unto You alone I succumb

I am a product of Grace, made to prove His Grace
I am a carrier of Grace, saved to proclaim His Name
I am a work of Grace, to daily work out my salvation
I am whatsoever, He daily calls me to be by His Grace

Oh Lord, You alone I adore
My God, to You alone I belong
My Father, unto You alone I succumb

I am knitted in love, to love God with the whole of my heart
I am a ‘newly brewed-wine’, to bring God’s sweetness to all that taste
I am a wonder, to showcase & manifest the Wonders of My Creator
I am what I am only by His un-failing Grace.






Jeremiah 1:4-19

Whether you obey or you disobey the call, a crisis is going to come. When you obey the call of God, the devil fights because it is in the calling that you are a threat to the devil, not in salvation alone. You are not a threat to the devil if you are born-again alone. There are many people born-again today that the devil doesn’t bother about because they are not serious with their calling.

The weapons that can damage the devil are in your calling! In your salvation, you are taken from the captivity of the devil; in your calling, you are equipped to go back to that same devil, defeat him and take other people from his captivity. That is why the devil fights people getting into the calling of God for their lives and functioning there.

The devil seeks to push people out of their callings and discourage them, and that is why some Christian enter into some battles.
Likewise, if you disobey the calling, you will go into crisis with God because from that point on, frustration, a lack of fulfilment & dissatisfaction sets in.

Many people are trying to satisfy the cry of the calling with so many things – party, fame and looking for pleasure in different things. Other people are struggling with problems because of the calling they carry. The devil wants to tie them down with these problems so they never see their callings. Get out of your problems and get into your calling.

The devil can’t defeat the purpose of God in your life once you embrace it. When Joseph entered the purpose of God for his life, nobody could stop him. Everything they did against Joseph was working for him.





Acts 19:1-2

You may be at the peak of your career, but what is the calling that career is suppose to give you a step into? If you cannot connect your career to your calling, you are living a life of failure. If you cannot link your position to the purpose of God, something is wrong.

Today, many church-goers have not heard teachings on callings, gifts, assignments, and anointing. According to Acts 19, the Holy Ghost had come, but these disciples have not heard about Him and, therefore, could not experience the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the benefit of the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Why are you living on the earth? What is the purpose of God behind your life? You may be at the peak of your career, but what is the calling that career is supposed to give you a step into? If you cannot connect your career to your calling, you are living a life of failure. If you cannot link your position to the purpose of God, something is wrong.

Esther became the queen, but being the queen was necessary for her to be the saviour of the Jews at that time. Joseph became Prime Minister, which was necessary to fulfil God’s purpose as a saviour.

Not everybody will be in full-time ministry, but that does not mean only full-time ministers are called; but when you are born-again, you now come into the condition to fulfil your calling. Part of the conditions necessary to fulfil your calling is to discover that ‘call’ and reasonably commit yourself to fulfilling it totally.

Some people start and do little on their call and move in and out of the call; this must stop. You must make sure you are focused like Paul to finish your race and complete your assignment.