The Word of God Cannot Fail – Hebrews 11:6

Hebrews 11:6 shows us the principle and you must believe it, so you don’t get discouraged when you start. You don’t do it once, twice or ten times and stop; you just settle there and say, “I will work this principle. I will live by it. It always works.” That is true about the Word of God and your faith in the Word.

I always say boldly that faith works. Faith in God works. The word of God does not fail and it can never prove false. That is why the Bible says the scriptures cannot be broken.

You have to understand all the attending conditions because by the time you fulfil all the conditions, it works for you.

For Him to fail means that you will be the only person that will die in faith and tell God that His Word failed.

Even the angels will be afraid of you because you will be the only person that is coming with a successful accusation against God. You will be the only one that worked the word of God and it didn’t work.

If it is true that you fulfilled all the principles and conditions, then God will have to leave the throne, and say, “Since my own Word is not good again, it is your own word that I will now follow”. Is that possible? No!

So if there is any failure, if you have been working it and it is not working, it is either you are telling God, “Leave the throne tomorrow” or you will agree and say, “God I am missing it somewhere; I don’t know all, show me where I am missing it





Your current position is not as important to God as what is happening to you. As time passes, God expects you to be doing something about the destiny He has prepared for you. God will come regularly to check where you are in life and destiny.

Your current position is not as important to God as what is happening to you. You must be careful not to become something that God can’t work with.

Your cooperation with God and His plan for you will determine how long it will take for God to make you into what can take your next level.

A person that truly loves you will not side with your comfort to the detriment of your future. God is more committed to making you the right person than placing you in a right environment.

When and where it concerns the fulfilment of your destiny, you will need spiritual empowerment.

As your destiny begins to manifest, you will get busier, but the foundation of all empowerment is the power you have with God.

You need a (higher) spiritual seat to sustain other (lower) seats you have in life.

If God has chosen you, the devil will contest for your life, but the Holy Spirit will move heaven and earth and whatever is needed to help you accomplish the will of God.






Luke 15:11-14

Greed, competition, folly, pride and crime are some of the enemies of wealth flow. A thief doesn’t mind the cost and expenses because it’s not his money.

And when he doesn’t have money, because he’s living on illegal and unrealistic costs and expenses, he is pressured to commit more crimes. Illegal life will cause you to start developing costlier tastes than your real and righteous level.

You must learn how not to incur the costs of the man earning N50,000 or more while you are earning N5000. Believe in God for intervention and you will see His Hand come into your life saying, “I can reduce the cost for you.”

It is not that you incur the cost and ask God to pay the price, no. Don’t let your folly and pride, greed and competition cause you to incur the costs and then tell God to pay.

Let your obedience and followership with God bring you to a place that God says, “I reduce the cost for you.”

Another key lesson is this: A relationship can bring you around people that have high costs and expenses in their lives but you must never tap into it, otherwise, those costs will wipe you out.

Wisdom is finding how to maintain the cost and expenses of N50,000 when you are earning N5,000,000.

Learn to live one step below your level. Learn that the secret of walking in the wealth flow is finding how to reduce your costs and expenses while your earning is increasing.

What shocks me is that most wealthy people are doing this while most poor people, with low incomes, are incurring high costs and expenses.






2 Kings 4:1, Proverbs 22:7

If you are going to survive and enter into a serious wealth flow, you must not borrow money to buy consumables. Don’t borrow money to eat and don’t borrow money to buy clothes.

If you have to borrow money, let it be to do something tangible and cogent; like buying land, making an investment, building a house , car for transport business or payment of your child’s tuition. Don’t borrow money to buy clothes for a wedding.

Everyone that tells you to take goods and pay later is an enemy of your financial future. They are causing you to live at cost and expense beyond your income.

Some smart business women go to offices when they have just received a consignment from Dubai, Thailand, or Japan. They know how to feed on the lust in people, dropping materials for them and telling them to pay the following month. You may think it is a blessing to have such a friend, but you are in jail already.

Any consumable that you can’t handle by cash, postpone it and do without it. If you miss one lunch and go hungry, don’t go and sleep; go and think or pray. Out of that prayer, you can find a solution to why you are hungry.

Don’t go and borrow money to eat food. Because after you have gotten money, you’ll still have to pay it back. When you buy things on credit, it destroys your ability to practice the law of budgeting and planning. It steals initiative from you.





Ecclesiastes 3:11, 2 Corinthians 9:8–10

People who don’t understand kingdom principles, make an idol out of money_and they chase cash though cash is the lowest form of wealth .

Sometimes you need to understand that what you ask for in the place of prayer reflects the true state of your heart. Why do you want more money?

The principle I will be sharing with you today does not only apply to spiritual things, it applies to every aspect of your walk with God. If you want increased power (anointing, financial, social, material, etc.), ask for an increased assignment.

When God wants to add anointing to your anointing, He will add another assignment to your assignment.

A weightlifter doesn’t wait until he gets the muscles before he starts carrying the weight; he starts carrying the weight and then the muscles come. Start taking the assignment and the power will come.

If God wants to make you a millionaire, He will give you an assignment that only a millionaire can handle.

When people don’t understand this principle, *they make an idol out of money* and they chase cash though *cash is the lowest form of wealth* .

God doesn’t tell you what is next on your agenda, He tells you what is next on His agenda for you.

I will leave you with this thought today; Power and trans- generational prosperity do not come before the assignment, Assignments come before the power to perform it.

Pick up more divine assignments and you will see that the power for that assignment will find its way into your life. (Extracted)






When your account is funded, if the first thing that comes to your mind is the new material things to acquire, you may be missing it.

Not understanding the purpose of wealth will not make you rich towards God. When you don’t understand the reason for what God gives you, you will abuse it and may even end up losing the trust of God.

There are three major reasons why God sends finances to his people. Whatever funds enter into your hand, you must begin to look from these three reasons and operate financially with these reasons in view.

The three reasons in the order of importance and priority to God are as follows;

1. To finance your divine assignment on earth.
2. To fund your earthly obligations.
3. To sponsor your human enjoyment.

It is very important to understand that placing numbers 3 or 2 in the first position will move you out of His purpose for giving or channeling wealth.

Your lack of understanding of these can get you in trouble when it comes to money with God, with a man, and with Satan. To break it down, when your account is funded, if the first thing that comes to your mind is the new material things to acquire, you may be missing it.

The first thing to do as a kingdom wealth agent is to go to the Lord and ask, ‘what is the purpose of this blessing?’ When you begin to allocate the blessings of God and the wealth He sends your way in the light of these reasons, in the order of priority, you are on track to last in the zone of wealth.