My greatest regret in life up till now is marrying the woman I married. I feel fulfilled travelling to more than seven countries working on different oil vessels and still a part time pastor all the way but I wish I never married the mother of my four children, this was the conclusion of Pastor Martins. Funny enough after speaking with Mrs Martins, I was very sure she is born again and a good woman, her conclusion was I wish I followed all the counsel then,even my both parents were absent at our wedding because they were not in support of I marrying Martins. I’m regretting marrying him now. Well this is my own conclusion:I wish they both DOUBLE CHECKED.

It is the assurance from your double checking that keeps you standing firm when things are not going as expected. There is this assurance within that even though there are challenges at the moment but I’m at the centre of God’s plan for my life and you keep moving on.

Discernment of spirits is a valuable spiritual ability that makes you avoid destiny marring steps. Discernment of spirits simply means identifying the controlling force behind an action ( Act 16:16-18). This ability makes you sense futile visions, friendly enemies and unsafe adventure that you don’t need to embark on. So, DOUBLE CHECK.

Most problem many persons are going through are self inflicted ( Isaiah 5:13). Without this HolyGhost given ability, it will be difficult for you to distinguish between what is good for ONLY NOW and the perfect will of God that will ALWAYS GET BETTER. So, double check.

Discernment of spirits is birthed out of intimacy with the Omniscience God, when you spend enough time in prayers and studying God’s word, worshiping Him in Spirit and truth. The more you kill your flesh the more your spirit man tune to heavenly frequency. So, DOUBLE CHECK why things are not working and decide to take the right turn today.





Not everything that appears good now, is the perfect will of God for you. A man may appear nice to you now as a single sister yet he is not God’s perfect will for you to marry. ( Romans 12: 2). A job may promise to be paying you more now but it may not be where God plan to make you rich without sorrow. Also, relocating to a booming and foreign city might appear promising now but that might not be God’s divine location for your maximum manifestation. DOUBLE CHECK

From scriptural understanding, the art of double checking spiritually is done by discernment of spirits. ( 1 John 4:1). The easiest way for a man to destroy his glorious destiny is to be under the influence of the spirit of error ( 1 John 4:6).

Discernment of spirits is the ability given by the Holy Ghost to faithful followers of Jesus Christ in serving God to avoid costly mistakes and errors. It is the spiritual ability to distinguish between spirits, whether they are of God or of the devil. ( 1Jonn 4:1). Ability to see into the spirit world and know the origin of a spirit prompting, whether it is divine, human or demonic

There is the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.( 1 John 4:6).And it takes discernment of spirits to overcome this destiny destroying force called spirit of error. The kingdom of darkness has what is known as deceiving spirits that manipulate man into taking destiny diverting decisions ( 1 Tim 4:1). Therefore, the gift of discernment of spirits is a must have for every child of God.

Hence, I charge you to double check spiritually before taking that destiny decision. DOUBLE CHECK when you have left your first love for Christ ( Revelation 2:4) and you are at the junction of taking destiny decisions. DOUBLE CHECK SPIRITUALLY BEFORE YOU DECIDE.






1 TIMOTHY 4:12, MATTHEW 20:26

In every situation, it is the man who knows what to do that will end up leading everyone else. It is possible to be an assistant at your place of work and be the one who is leading, such that even your boss at work comes to gain from your spiritual insight and wisdom.

No matter what your position in the church or at your place of work is, God has called you to a degree of leadership capacity somewhere and sometime.

In addition, God has great plans for your future, plans that include you leading many people, but you will never be able to sustain that place of leadership if you don’t prepare for it.

You must remember that there is a difference between those who lead and those who are in leadership.Those who are in leadership have the title but may not necessarily be the ones leading everyone, but those who lead are those who have taken their development process seriously.

Thus, they now have the capacity, spiritual wisdom, spiritual depth, and sensitivity to lead others. So, how do you prepare yourself for kingdom leadership? The answer is simple and straightforward – take your church membership seriously.
Don’t shy away from any assignment given to you by your pastor, instead, embrace it wholeheartedly. This is how true and lasting leaders are made.





Jeremiah 1:4-19

Whether you obey or you disobey the call, a crisis is going to come. When you obey the call of God, the devil fights because it is in the calling that you are a threat to the devil, not in salvation alone. You are not a threat to the devil if you are born-again alone. There are many people born-again today that the devil doesn’t bother about because they are not serious with their calling.

The weapons that can damage the devil are in your calling! In your salvation, you are taken from the captivity of the devil; in your calling, you are equipped to go back to that same devil, defeat him and take other people from his captivity. That is why the devil fights people getting into the calling of God for their lives and functioning there.

The devil seeks to push people out of their callings and discourage them, and that is why some Christian enter into some battles.
Likewise, if you disobey the calling, you will go into crisis with God because from that point on, frustration, a lack of fulfilment & dissatisfaction sets in.

Many people are trying to satisfy the cry of the calling with so many things – party, fame and looking for pleasure in different things. Other people are struggling with problems because of the calling they carry. The devil wants to tie them down with these problems so they never see their callings. Get out of your problems and get into your calling.

The devil can’t defeat the purpose of God in your life once you embrace it. When Joseph entered the purpose of God for his life, nobody could stop him. Everything they did against Joseph was working for him.





Acts 19:1-2

You may be at the peak of your career, but what is the calling that career is suppose to give you a step into? If you cannot connect your career to your calling, you are living a life of failure. If you cannot link your position to the purpose of God, something is wrong.

Today, many church-goers have not heard teachings on callings, gifts, assignments, and anointing. According to Acts 19, the Holy Ghost had come, but these disciples have not heard about Him and, therefore, could not experience the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the benefit of the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Why are you living on the earth? What is the purpose of God behind your life? You may be at the peak of your career, but what is the calling that career is supposed to give you a step into? If you cannot connect your career to your calling, you are living a life of failure. If you cannot link your position to the purpose of God, something is wrong.

Esther became the queen, but being the queen was necessary for her to be the saviour of the Jews at that time. Joseph became Prime Minister, which was necessary to fulfil God’s purpose as a saviour.

Not everybody will be in full-time ministry, but that does not mean only full-time ministers are called; but when you are born-again, you now come into the condition to fulfil your calling. Part of the conditions necessary to fulfil your calling is to discover that ‘call’ and reasonably commit yourself to fulfilling it totally.

Some people start and do little on their call and move in and out of the call; this must stop. You must make sure you are focused like Paul to finish your race and complete your assignment.





Until you hear clearly from God on your matter of concern, the devil will keep using sorrow and depression to steal your strength.
So, how do you stay connected to the Joy of the Lord.

# Hearing from Heaven. Luke 24:6-8,

God visit His people principally by His word. Jesus was only able to endure the cross and ignore the shame because there was Joy of what lies ahead burning inside of him ( Heb 12:2).

Until you hear clearly from God on your matter of concern, the devil will keep using sorrow and depression to steal your strength.

Once you get direct revelation of God’s word, focus your hope on that word of God because it is the channel through which the Joy of the Lord flows into you and strengthens you.

# Abiding in Christ.
As you truly completely submit yourself to Christ, the Joy of the Lord comes naturally ( John 15:4-5). The Joy of the Lord is the gladness of heart that comes from knowing God and abiding in Christ. This gives you an assurance that you have an inheritance that can never perish or fade and no one can steal it from you. ( 1 Peter 1: 3-6)… ( To be continued)





Nehemiah 8:10b

Money brings happiness and makes life run smoothly. Everything is not about money but money affect everything; Love is sweet and makes life enjoyable. Position is pleasurable and makes life looks as if it should not end.

Happiness comes from ” good happenings” that is when everything is going your way, when things are turning out as planned. When you have a lot of money, when you and your family are healthy and becoming more successful in what you are doing. (Luke 12: 16-20).

But what happens if things are not so good, when your family is financially stressed and tensioned, when struggling with unemployment or underemployment, when your marriage/home is under heat and fire or when loved one is down with sickness. When depression is setting into your life. Where do you get strength to keep holding on?

Friends, the Joy of the Lord is the basic antidote to the poison of depression. The Joy of the Lord is a deeper inner gladness regardless of circumstances going on around you. You may not have reasons to be laughing on the outside but the joy of the Lord gives an inner calmness that all is well. (John 16: 33; 20).

The Joy of the Lord is divine. God is the source of this Joy and He is the giver of this Joy. ( John 14:27). This Joy is supernatural and very available in the time of trials and depression.

So, how do you connect to this antidote to depression. The first channel of this Joy is…. ( to be continued)





It doesn’t matter how high or low men tag any of the kingdom job, the standard of God remains thesame. Whether you are a Bishop, Pastor, teacher, choir, Usher, Deacon, Technical officer, traffic control officer… The biblical requirements for kingdom stewardship are thesame for all.

(1 Tim 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5):
Sexually/maritally faithful
Good manager of household
Financially responsible
Upright in character
Committed to holiness
Able to teach
Spiritually mature (not a new convert)
Respectable (and respected by outsiders)
A good example to the flock

So, don’t confuse working for your church, your senior pastor, your personal gain with working for God. May you not hear on the last day ” depart from me ye workers of iniquity” in Jesus name.





Job 1:1; 3b

There is a strong connection between your destiny and your character. Your character is a pointer to the sustainance of your destiny. The durability of destiny is determined by the strength of your character. To loose character is to be set to loose everything. (Proverbs 14:12)

Your character is the custodian of your destiny. Hence , character failure will drag anyone into destiny failure eventually. Your character is your true representative before men. (Act 6:3)

Good character is not a gift neither is it inherited, it is acquired consciously as you get engrafted to Jesus. So, it is your responsibility to work on becoming like Jesus in character.

Your character is the real you and until you allow God break and remould you, destiny destroying character might still be hidden in you.

Luke 10:18; Any habit and attitude that is capable of bringing shame to the name of God and bringing you down must be worked on: pride, arrogance, anger, greed, laziness, financial dishonesty, unforgiveness, you must do character work on all these and trust God to make you a better Christian.





Daniel 11:32b

Once you are down spiritually, it is just a matter of time everything will soon fall apart (Job 20:5-7). Spiritual maturity is a pillar in fulfilling your God’s given vision.

Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploit. Not those who are begging for prayers everyday, not those who know everything about their Church, not those who are close to the man of God.

What you are building your life, marriage, home and career on, determines how long they will stand. Your spiritual maturity determines how you withstand the opposition against your destiny (Isaiah 54: 15;17).

Therefore, the more you mature spiritually the stronger you become against the enemies of your fulfilment. ( Psalm 60: 11-12)

It is very surprising that majority of modern day church goers are alive physically but dead spiritually. ( Revelation 3:1b).

And a spiritually dead man can do nothing meaningful spiritually for himself, powerless to fight, defenceless against forces of darkness ( Ecc 9: 4) blind to what should be done.

Ephesians 6:10; failure to work on your spiritual maturity could make you and your children a prey to the wicked, it can relegate you in life, empty and naked your glory.

And once you are down spiritually, it is just a matter of time everything will soon fall apart (Job 20:5-7) And in like manners, if it is well with you spiritually, in due season all will be be well with you. ( Isaiah 40:31)





2 Corinthians 11:3-4

The power of sin will always come to the entrance of your heart desirng to control you. And a sinner can not be a servant of God, you can not be practicing what you are preaching against, aslo you can not preach against what you are practicing. Therefore, flee every appearance of inquity.

Until you conquer the controlling power of sin through Jesus Christ, you cannot overcome the battles from the powers of darkness.

The power of sin will always come to the entrance of your heart desirng to control you. Therefore, see to it that you kill your flesh and walk in the spirit i.e obey the voice of God because without the cooperation of the flesh the power of sin can not have dominion over you.





I have never believed in the idea of having a best dish, until I find it hard to do without roasted plantain and fish. However, it all started with a strange hungry, I took as much roasted plantain and fish as I desired but to my greatest surprised, I was still hungry after eating.

I decided to change meal, I went for enough fried rice and chicken with chilled drink, yet this hunger persisted. I made up my mind to eat any food that comes to mind, I ate various dishes and drank as much I could take in.

Yet this strange hunger could not be satisfied. Then I humbled myself before God and heard a still small voice ” _the way to satisfy your hunger is to firstly totally cut down eating and drinking”_ . Then I set my face like a flint ready to go all the way( Isaiah 50:7).

The more I denied myself of food, the more I get refreshed within with fresh revelation, insight and deep satisfaction. Friends, just as eating strengthens the body. Regular fasting empowers your spiritman much more than you can imagine.

Fasting tune your spiritman to divine frequecy. Until regular fasting is part of your schedule you might continually miss out on some divine inheritance allotted to you by God. ( Hebrews 12: 16-17).

And if you are the type that cannot fast at all, you might soon be reduced to a carnal believer. ( Eccecliastes 10: 16-17).





The Word of God Cannot Fail – Hebrews 11:6

Hebrews 11:6 shows us the principle and you must believe it, so you don’t get discouraged when you start. You don’t do it once, twice or ten times and stop; you just settle there and say, “I will work this principle. I will live by it. It always works.” That is true about the Word of God and your faith in the Word.

I always say boldly that faith works. Faith in God works. The word of God does not fail and it can never prove false. That is why the Bible says the scriptures cannot be broken.

You have to understand all the attending conditions because by the time you fulfil all the conditions, it works for you.

For Him to fail means that you will be the only person that will die in faith and tell God that His Word failed.

Even the angels will be afraid of you because you will be the only person that is coming with a successful accusation against God. You will be the only one that worked the word of God and it didn’t work.

If it is true that you fulfilled all the principles and conditions, then God will have to leave the throne, and say, “Since my own Word is not good again, it is your own word that I will now follow”. Is that possible? No!

So if there is any failure, if you have been working it and it is not working, it is either you are telling God, “Leave the throne tomorrow” or you will agree and say, “God I am missing it somewhere; I don’t know all, show me where I am missing it





Your current position is not as important to God as what is happening to you. As time passes, God expects you to be doing something about the destiny He has prepared for you. God will come regularly to check where you are in life and destiny.

Your current position is not as important to God as what is happening to you. You must be careful not to become something that God can’t work with.

Your cooperation with God and His plan for you will determine how long it will take for God to make you into what can take your next level.

A person that truly loves you will not side with your comfort to the detriment of your future. God is more committed to making you the right person than placing you in a right environment.

When and where it concerns the fulfilment of your destiny, you will need spiritual empowerment.

As your destiny begins to manifest, you will get busier, but the foundation of all empowerment is the power you have with God.

You need a (higher) spiritual seat to sustain other (lower) seats you have in life.

If God has chosen you, the devil will contest for your life, but the Holy Spirit will move heaven and earth and whatever is needed to help you accomplish the will of God.






Luke 15:11-14

Greed, competition, folly, pride and crime are some of the enemies of wealth flow. A thief doesn’t mind the cost and expenses because it’s not his money.

And when he doesn’t have money, because he’s living on illegal and unrealistic costs and expenses, he is pressured to commit more crimes. Illegal life will cause you to start developing costlier tastes than your real and righteous level.

You must learn how not to incur the costs of the man earning N50,000 or more while you are earning N5000. Believe in God for intervention and you will see His Hand come into your life saying, “I can reduce the cost for you.”

It is not that you incur the cost and ask God to pay the price, no. Don’t let your folly and pride, greed and competition cause you to incur the costs and then tell God to pay.

Let your obedience and followership with God bring you to a place that God says, “I reduce the cost for you.”

Another key lesson is this: A relationship can bring you around people that have high costs and expenses in their lives but you must never tap into it, otherwise, those costs will wipe you out.

Wisdom is finding how to maintain the cost and expenses of N50,000 when you are earning N5,000,000.

Learn to live one step below your level. Learn that the secret of walking in the wealth flow is finding how to reduce your costs and expenses while your earning is increasing.

What shocks me is that most wealthy people are doing this while most poor people, with low incomes, are incurring high costs and expenses.