It’s always easy to first notice a shortcoming, a “but”, a challenge in people, life and events. The bible is replete of examples of people whose names were never recorded but were only named by their inadequacies. Remember – the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:7-16), the mad man of Gadara (Mark 5:1-20), Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52), the man born blind (John 9) the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-34) and many more.

It’s interesting to know that our God does not define us by our seeming disadvantages. When you think about people with profound disadvantage, Esther readily comes to mine. Let’s take a roll call of her disadvantages. She was an orphan – Lost both parents at a very tender age. She was a fugitive – an exile in a strange land. Her nationality is a complete disadvantage, so bad that it had to be hidden. She was a spiritually weak and fearful Jewess. In all these, God has her future well tucked in her name – Esther – a star! Her beginning and life’s experiences doesn’t portray her name, but amidst all these, God has everything well planned out.

Though it seems like coincidences, but these are divine providences. The pride of Vashti was part of the game, Haman’s unexplained anger on Mordecai, Mordecai’s stubbornness to bow to Haman, Haman’s collapse, and King’s interpretation of it to mean attempt to rape Esther was weaved into the plan. Esther was not just meant to live for herself, God had a bigger picture for her life – the “saviour” of the Jew nation. Who would have thought that a fearful orphan would become the Queen of the most powerful king and would be instrumental in saving an entire nation of the Jew?
God didn’t use Esther inspite of her weaknesses and disadvantaged background, but because of it. Her disadvantages make her pliable and usable in the Master’s hand. In the same way, all the enemy sees about you are your present disadvantaged condition and the many odds against you, but the Goodnews is that there is a script of God called “All things work together for Good” that the enemy is not privy of. HALELLUYAH! In that script, God already made provision for all that you are currently going through. He has the right relationship well-planned out for you, the divine providences are playing out in your favour. He has all the actors, acts and scenes of the movie all programmed for you to arrive at your expected end.

Friend, regardless of what disadvantage the Devil has fully sold to you, culture has made you believe about yourself; It holds no ground with what God has written about you and your future. He has everything about you well planned out, He is a specialist in weaving the tragedies, pains and seeming disadvantages of our lives together to bring about a praise for himself and provide beauty for ashes.

It’s a joy to know that the stories of all the above mentioned people who were first introduced by their shortcomings didn’t end the same, but in glorious testimonies. Friend, in the same way, God will not leave you halfway, he will not give an almost testimony. He has watched the beautiful movie of your life and he is relaxed because he knows the beautiful ending, you are only watching the replay. He will not leave you until His good plans for your life is fulfilled. Your seeming disadvantage is fast becoming a vantage point for your divine turnaround. Hang in there!





His brothers said to him, “Do you intend to reign over us? Will you actually rule us?” And they hated him all the more because of his dream and what he had said. – Gen.37:8
“Here comes the dreamer!” they said to each other. “Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we will see what comes of his dreams”. – Gen.37:19-20.
This is obviously another great lesson to be learnt from the life of Joseph. You see, great dreams are naturally capable of provoking great jealousy and hatred. Man naturally feels threatened by another’s greater prospect. Joseph’s ten brothers were willing to kill him over a robe and a few reported dreams, their deep jealousy had grown into an ugly rage, completely blinding them to what was right. By sharing his dream with his brothers, his dream was on the verge of failure, if not for the God that makes all things work together for good!
Friend, hold unto this clearly: there is no one too close or loving to be exempted from a dream killer. It’s God that gives dream, it is yours to protect. “The way to kill a man with a great dream is to give him another one” says Myles Munroe. When we begin to share our God’s own designed plan planted in us as dreams with short-sighted people (Chaldeans), they won’t just be able to fathom its possibility. The best they can contribute is to help you remodify it to their perceived thought or kill your spirit with such words as “it is impossible; it has never been done; how could you imagine such?”
Many have become captives of bitterness and regret because they shared their dreams and plans with the Chaldeans. The reaction of Joseph’s brothers to his dream is typical of what can happen today when dreams are not well guarded. It breeds jealousy, envy and hatred. This is one reason why Godly mentor is needed or better still, a secured relationship with the originator of the dream. He is enough to help you deliver it safely (Is.66:9) and he can then lead you rightly to the true dream carriers.
So friend, don’t forget that as you are a dream carrier, someone else is also a dream poisoner. So, if God can send dream helpers to your life, devil can send more dream killers. The right people that will aid your dreams will never show up if you have the wrong people around you. Therefore, if you are mature enough to dream, then you must be strong enough to uphold and guide it.

Welcome to the fulfillment of your dreams!





Truly, I have seen many ‘bestsellers’, read a variety of motivational books, inspirational magazines and success captions, but none of these have truly sold best, motivates best, inspired most or aided success best like the scripture. All of the above have their source and references from the incorruptible seed. Though, written over 2000 years ago, it is still relevant till eternity, as all happenings today have already been said in it. Its messages are just as relevant to our days as it was to Methuselah.

This book might not be your typical bestseller, but more and more copies of it are sold than any other in the world. Written by 39 different authors over the course of 3000 years, it was completed over 2000 years ago and contains 66 different books.

The bible is filled with stories of good and bad characters. It displays people who succeeded despite all odds and those who failed despite being provided with all that is needed to succeed, individuals who followed God and those who turned the other way. It is a collection of imperfect people, people with fatal flaws, people you and I can relate to, people with whom God wasn’t finished yet.

The Word Above All
If Christ could put this word above His name, what then should be the ultimate in your life if not this word! If you want to rise above satan all through your life, then get acquainted with the word. You study the word to get approved to command proofs because approval is a pre-requisite to commanding proofs (2Tim.2:15).

Look at these:
– Faith cannot grow without the word (Rom.10:17)
– Prayer can bring you success, the word upholds it (Joshua 1:8)
– Prayer can bring you healing; the word establishes it (Ps.107:20)
– Prayer can break bondage, the word secures your liberty (Ps.107:20)
– Prophecy can be released, the word confirms it (Lk.4:21)
– Money can bring you happiness, the word gives unspeakable joy (Ps.119:11)
– Money can give fleeting pleasure, the word gives a lasting treasure (Mat 24:35)
– Situations can fail, the word never fails (it is flawless) Prov.30:5
In this end-time and Revival season, may the Lord give you an increasing and unquenchable hunger for His Word (AMEN)