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Move on, move on, don’t be tired is what the Lord is saying to you today my friend: Gird your loins, for the race you are running, you will finish strong if you faint not.

Push on, push on don’t despair Brother. You have pushed this far through the help of the Most High; He will thus not leave you half way, if you won’t stop trusting His Strength.

Carry on, carry on, don’t look back Sister. The trials and temptation are just for a season: they will soon be over and your faith will be made perfect in Love.

Dream on, dream on, don’t doubt Brethren. The vision is yet for an appointment time, in the end it will speak if you won’t stop running with it: Daily commit it into the Hands of our Father in Heaven, not unto those on the Earth.

Beloved, sorrow no more for Jesus understands. Though you are heavy laden, He will give you rest if you will not stop calling unto Him. Though you are feeble and weak, His help for you will not tarry: wait on Him!

The young sparrows have no hiding from the Fowler, and the Lilies of the field have no hands to knit their clothing; but our Father in Heaven is their sure refuge and help. How then will He not help & clothe you, you His dearly beloved. [Matthew 6:26-34].

Dear Beloved of the Lord, move on, move on, don’t be tired. Put a little more trust in the Saving Arms of Christ the Saviour: for you will not be put to shame.


  1. Thanks so much, counsellor, this is so timely. I found myself overwhelmed lately but one thing I have learnt to do is to return to my place of communion with the Father and just cast my cares on Him and pour out my heart and He hears and respond. If you are reading this, I want you to know that you are not alone and that He is in it with you, just keep holding on and get encouraged in His presence.🤗🤗


    Nothing (particularly hard times) shall separate us from the love of Christ

  3. ----

    Thank God His strength is made perfect in our weakeness/tiredness!

  4. Ikeoluwapo Olanorin

    “Move on,move on”….Yes Lord I will.
    I will keep trusting you my Saviour. Thank you Jesus

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