Nehemiah 8:10b

Money brings happiness and makes life run smoothly. Everything is not about money but money affect everything; Love is sweet and makes life enjoyable. Position is pleasurable and makes life looks as if it should not end.

Happiness comes from ” good happenings” that is when everything is going your way, when things are turning out as planned. When you have a lot of money, when you and your family are healthy and becoming more successful in what you are doing. (Luke 12: 16-20).

But what happens if things are not so good, when your family is financially stressed and tensioned, when struggling with unemployment or underemployment, when your marriage/home is under heat and fire or when loved one is down with sickness. When depression is setting into your life. Where do you get strength to keep holding on?

Friends, the Joy of the Lord is the basic antidote to the poison of depression. The Joy of the Lord is a deeper inner gladness regardless of circumstances going on around you. You may not have reasons to be laughing on the outside but the joy of the Lord gives an inner calmness that all is well. (John 16: 33; 20).

The Joy of the Lord is divine. God is the source of this Joy and He is the giver of this Joy. ( John 14:27). This Joy is supernatural and very available in the time of trials and depression.

So, how do you connect to this antidote to depression. The first channel of this Joy is…. ( to be continued)

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