Deborah Olayiwola


I once attended a program and the prayer minister in charge raised a prayer point. She said we should pray that we should not be like signboards. I was almost laughing and I was like what kind of a prayer point is this. Going forward, what kept bothering my mind is the meaning of a signboard. Literally, we all are aware that a signboard is to make an awareness of a particular place, in the world we see signboards everywhere on the streets which are majorly pathfinders to people
of a particular place especially when the address is not clear enough.
Spiritually, I began to ponder what she could have meant by we not becoming signboards then I realized that truly signboards are like pathfinders to a place and it is very rare to see signboards in places that they describe to people, immediately my understanding opened to what she meant by we not becoming signboards spiritually.
Having given one’s life to Christ, authenticates one as a child of God and we automatically become a carrier of His grace, also a direction or a pathfinder for people to come to the El shaddai. I have seen instances that some say that people of the world no longer read the scriptures but read Christians attitude. Are we sure that our attitude would not make us a cast away in the kingdom of God? the little things we think it does not matter? . Imagine those we are struggling to pull to the kingdom of the Father gets to enter and we ourselves finds it hard to make it, God forbid!
In short, this piece is an awakening call to all children of God out there that we hold on to our position firmly and mind the way we behave even behind the scenes lest we become castaways. In the book of (1 cor. 9:27), brother Paul had it that ” But I keep under my body and bring it into subjection…” if we read through that verse we get a detailed understanding of his plight.
The conclusion of this whole matter is that we should subject our flesh always under the leading of the Holy spirit so we would not commit sins which will make us castaways or signboards to the kingdom of God as the Father expects us to all to be a partaker of His eternity. I pray the Lord grants us the grace not to become castaways. Amen


  1. I will not be a signboard that does not go the journey it shows others to go in Jesus name… a good reminder piece. Thanks and God bless @Debby_Ola 

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